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   Chapter 74 No.74

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 4897

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"What's all this then?" Said #1, immediately cliché-ing himself as a police man. The rest of his group stopped behind him and just looked mean, grouchy and bored in that order. Mykl mentally renamed them all Nosey, Mean, Grouchy and Bored, to suit.

"Nothing, officer." Blachart offered. "Just a little misunderstanding."

"No." Norton argued. "No misunderstanding. There's something funny going on here… These four guys just came planet-side with our Cap'n – and I've never seen them before!"

"You don't know them?" Nosey asked Norton, sounding interested.

"That's just what I said – never laid eyes on 'em before!"

Nosey looked at Blachart sternly.

"Your name?" He demanded.

"Blachart." He answered. "Captain of the Undertaker. Listen, I'm in a hurry. I don't have time for this asshole's bullshit!"

"Not so fast." Said Nosey gruffly. "Nobody's goin' nowhere till we sort this lot out."

The other three coppers, Mean, Grouchy and Bored, leered behind him as if they'd been practicing at it all day. Nosey gave them a signal, and if four men could surround eight, then they were pretty much surrounded. No attempt was made to confiscate their weapons.

"Come this way, all of you." Nosey ordered them in a level tone.

They were led away, leaving the unconscious Hesslin behind, lying on the floor like a funny kind of trail of breadcrumbs. This was exactly what Mykl had hoped to avoid! He felt a cold icy feeling, like when he was being

immediate future. For whom the bells tolled, Mykl wasn't certain, but they were tolling all right. The name might as well have been Titanic.

Blachart had never been fond of computers, he used them – and was quite good at it too, at least as far as he needed to be. He just never liked them. They had a terrible habit of complicating people's lives. In the same way that a computer could save labor, it would also generate at least twice as much paperwork and at least three new posts in the filing department.

The computer terminal he was looking at now, the one she was using, was one he'd never seen before. There were some interesting bits and pieces, like the shiny red panel that had just lit up on the desk surface, for example. It began to dawn on them that their carefully forged ID passes would be as much use to them as water-wings to someone facing a tsunami on the beach. Blachart could almost hear their thoughts as they began to look at him suspiciously.

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