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   Chapter 71 No.71

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5526

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There was another round of 'ayes'. There was a blast on a decrepit sounding hooter from the bottom of the ramp.

"Okay, let's do it! Good luck!"

Their taxi turned out to be another little eight wheeled 'jeep', although this driver looked a bit more ordinary, and was dressed in a black t-shirt and denims. Six 'Corsairs' walked down the ramp of the Undertaker, with the quick jerky motions of people trying extremely hard to look casual, and then boarded the taxi. All carried side arms in neat black holsters that complimented their Corsair disguises. From the look of it, Hanson and the others, who seated themselves up front, had settled for bog-standard, ordinary-looking semi-automatic pistols, with the only variation being the caliber, magazine capacity and make and model – except young marine specialist Casey, who'd picked a sawed-off shotgun, and was grinning in a way that attracted attention. Hanson casually gave the youth a half-serious smack upside the head and berated him. Mykl lip-read the words "Silly bugger!" spoken by Hanson before he turned to face front again.

Mykl had picked the very back row of seats, and Blachart, casually settled down into the seat beside him. The taxi surged forward electrically, leaving the Undertaker behind. They rolled on in silence, looking at the other parked ships, all black, few lights, all silent. The only sounds were the slipstream and the hum of the motors and the tires on the concrete. Hanson and Casey began talking casually several rows ahead of them.

"I hope these forged passes get us through." Mykl said in low tones, showing Blachart his own. It had his picture on it, but a d

a liking for the bearded man in black. He had a kind of presence, like he was more real than – dare he think it – mere ordinary people… like himself. Even with his recent performance in the skirmish on the Undertaker – even though Ripley had bragged to him of how awe-struck his new crew was at the notion that just one man – himself – had wiped out an entire Corsair crew and nearly destroyed their ship singlehandedly… Basically it came down to Mykl being a 'nice guy'. No matter what he'd done, he was still seen as a 'good guy'. Blachart was the opposite. He was not only a Corsair, but one of the more infamous Corsair legends – and because of that, he was viewed as being downright 'evil'. He was hated and feared – although Mykl had a notion of just which end of that scale was weightier than the other. Just his presence seemed to affect the crew. Most were afraid of him. The rest outright hated him. Even more so, he was well aware that none of them liked sharing their space with him – and doubtlessly, they disapproved of Mykl even entertaining the man or treating him like a human being.

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