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   Chapter 70 No.70

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5622

Updated: 2018-06-29 19:02

"You're a week late, Cap'n." Mac said, pushing through his threatening panic attack.

"We took a little detour." Blachart explained. "All work and no play, you know how it is."

Mykl couldn't miss the slightest hint of distaste in his voice, that for some reason, the Corsair didn't like the man. Mykl couldn't say he didn't agree – and it was something of a shock to realize it was probably the first thing they had in common. Mykl kept his mouth closed, and his face impassive. He didn't want to draw any undue attention.

"Shall we git down t'business, Cap'n?" Mac said, cutting to the heart of the matter, ignoring Mykl completely. Mac clearly had no love lost for Blachart either, and there was a definite note to their relationship that led Mykl to understand that it was a business arrangement, pure and simple – Blachart needed Mac, and Mac needed Blachart. Perhaps it was similar to the relationship between a thief and a fence – they didn't have to like each other to do business.

"Sure, Mac." Said Blachart, and turned to lead the way inside the hold. "Just don't set off my security system with your teeth."

They entered the cargo bay together, and Mac glanced around. Although the place looked a little different, less cluttered perhaps, there was still plenty of cargo to offload. Mac didn't seem to notice that some of the internal corridors that had been demolished in the battle and removed, were missing. The main doors at the front were still closed. Blachart went to a control console in the wall beside the entrance to the corridor they'd entered by, and punched in a control code. There was a resounding clong noise, followed by a hollow metallic rumbli

B-team and Undertaker, Mykl made his way back to the airlock. There he met the assembled recon team of six men, who were waiting for him – and the taxi they'd ordered from the terminal.

"Remember, we stick together!" Mykl said just as they heard brakes squealing outside, "Until we get outside the terminal into the city – then we separate into teams of two so we can cover more ground. Hanson, you take Casey. Harris and Tombo, you two go together. I'll take Blachart." There was a muted chorus of 'ayes', "Mingle with the population, use your portacams." Mykl continued, referring to the recording devices built into contact lenses they had brought with them. "Get visuals of anything that seems important or strategic. We meet back here by 0500 tomorrow morning sharp – local time. It is now 1800. Check your time. Don't be late. You're all good men, here to serve a higher purpose – but if you're late, you will be left behind – and I trust that if I don't make it back in time, that whoever's left will do the same! The reason we're here is to gather intel – and that's more important than any of us! Got that?"

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