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   Chapter 68 No.68

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"Meradinis." Mykl breathed. "How long we've been looking for you!"

Linson broke into a tense grin, and looked back to him. He grinned back.

Then Hanson turned his attention back to navigating the ship. The astorfield seemed to swell towards them as they rushed closer, threatening to engulf them just before Hanson throttled back more. They prepared to enter the astorfield, and that's the moment Blachart entered the bridge.

"Ah, " The sinister man said quietly, eyeing the main screen. "Home sweet home."

"Entering astorfield now." Hanson reported. The ship eased forward at reduced speed, slowly weaving through the maze of floating rock. Fortunately it looked very stable, almost motionless.

"Careful, Mr. Hanson." Blachart cautioned, "Do it snail-wise. Your monitor won't flash 'game over' if we hit one of those."

Hanson just gave Blachart a 'screw you' kind of look before turning back to guiding the old loderunner between the huge lumps of rock. Some were rounded, some jagged and sharp-looking. Different sizes, all pebbles in the Creator's Rock Garden. Blachart seemed – expectant?

"Didn't you say something about patrol ships?" Mykl asked.

"Yes, they'll be in here somewhere."

"In the astorfield?"

"That's right."

"You mean like, inside?"


Both Blachart and Mykl knew – and doubtlessly Hanson as well – that navigating an astorfield wasn't a job for just any old helmsman – nor was it a trip for the faint of heart. Just passing through it without picking up some damage was difficult enough, but they knew that to patrol within suc

of roads, rail and tunnel systems. Several mines showed up in their scans too, and underground bunkers too. Low altitude airliners cris-crossed the air, traveling between cities. A few ships were visible on the small seas.

Thin feathery clouds speckled the globe as Undertaker started its run for a surface descent. A homing signal locked into the auto-nav. Hanson, assured by Blachart – and a nod from Mykl, sat back and allowed the computer to handle the landing procedures. Mykl wasn't the only one silently praying that Commander Nore and his team had done a good job on that system!

The main spaceport was an immense expanse of thermo concrete, surrounded by a vast expanse of city of Tortuga – which was almost as large as Ki-Acropolis, Earth's own bustling capital city. All along the fringes of the vast tarmac, stood rows and rows of parked black ships, similar in size and appearance to Undertaker – and beyond, even more. The larger ships, Blachart explained, were usually to be found in a strategic parking orbit around the second planet.

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