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   Chapter 67 No.67

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Some of the other crew were present as well, sitting around another table, eating, joking and chatting spiritedly among themselves. Then Blachart entered, with no particular expression on his face, took a plate and loaded it with food. The others fell silent as if on cue. Some of them stared and then looked away with stony expressions on their faces. As if sensing the disease, Blachart poured a mug of coffee at the buffet table, and then turned to leave with his meal.

"Blachart." Mykl called out. The man stopped and turned to look at him. Mykl signaled him to join him at his table. The man walked over toward him.

"I don't mind eating elsewhere." Blachart said, standing.

"Sit. Eat." Mykl nodded, putting a fork-load of food into his mouth.

"It's no bother at all, really." Blachart insisted.

"Sit." Mykl repeated, chewing. "I'd rather you sat and ate here where I can keep an eye on you."

Blachart raised an eyebrow at him, but put his plate and mug on the table, and sat opposite him.

"So…" Mykl continued, making conversation, "If you're going to get your pardon, I take it you'll have to start using your real name again? What is it, by the way?"

"This is my real name." Blachart the Corsair said levelly, and took a sip of hot coffee.

"What, like for real?" Mykl asked with genuine surprise. "Blachart?"

"It's an old surname." The man went on, and smiled. "I can't help it if it works just as nicely as a professional name."

"I'm pretty sure 'the Bloody' wasn't an old surname – what's your first name?"

"What if I to

'd learned a few things from both of them. The man was dangerous. No, dammit – that was an understatement – he was fucking dangerous!

"Time's nearly up, Lt." He said to Hanson with perhaps a little obvious irritation in his voice, "What's our E.T.A.?"

"We're practically there, sir. Just over an hour away."

"See any traffic?"

"Nothing, sir." Hanson reported. "Not a godsdamned thing."

When Hanson cut the hyper drive, Undertaker's probing long range sensors locked onto the only star in the area. It had four planets, one of the inner planets was the Corsair base world. The system was surrounded by a vast, spherical astorfield, like a giant fruit, with Meradinis at its rotting core. The astorfield might have been all that remained of several outer planets that had been destroyed eons ago, but not even the Undertaker's computer seemed to know that for certain. The two inner worlds were average-sized, the two outer ones surprisingly small. The ship's nav-computer identified the first, inner-most planet as Meradinis.

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