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   Chapter 65 No.65

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"Isn't it odd, " Mykl asked, "That for someone who's never been to Earth, you seem a little obsessed with antiques from there?"

"Good point." Blachart conceded. "Damn." He said. "You're right. I never thought about it before. I just really liked their stuff, you know?"

Blachart got up casually, and went over to the nearest panel.

"All these are originals. There are no fakes here." He said, running his hands lovingly over a broadsword blade, polished and bright. "They belong in a museum, really."

"I thought that's what this was – your own little private museum."

"No." Blachart smiled. "No, no. All these are functional. I used some of them from time to time. I kept them all well-oiled and in working order."

"Hmm." Mykl quipped. "What shall I wear today? The Uzi or the bazooka?"

Blachart laughed, in a way that was almost frightening, because it sounded just like any man laughing, and not a monster.

"Exactly." He said. Then he sauntered over to another display. "Take this one for example…" He said, pointing at a pistol. "Walther PPK, 1930's – it was an officer's weapon during World War Two."

"That's interesting – which side?"

"Germany." Blachart replied. "They made the best – well, everything."

Blachart ran his hands over the shelves of old weapons, and he recounted their names – Magnum, Colt, Winchester… Beretta, Luger. Then he lifted a submachine gun from its mounting clips and began stroking it almost lovingly. Then, quite unexpectedly, he cocked it in one smooth movement, and then aimed it right at him!

"Like all the others, " He said quite casually, "I keep



"Like saying 'trust me', for one."

"Would you?" Blachart asked, smiling faintly. "Did you, before this?"


"Would you have trusted me?"

Mykl shrugged eventually. "Probably not."

"Okay then."

"Hmm. Point taken."

"I could've killed you, right?" Blachart said, "I could've killed you all."

Mykl didn't doubt that for a minute. It was no empty threat.

"What stopped you?" He found himself asking. Blachart sat down again.

"I need to start over." Blachart said. "In many ways, this – meeting you, was probably the best thing that could've happened to me… All my life I've been stuck in someone else's fight. Killing was the natural thing, the only thing. Violence was a way of life. A while ago it occurred to me that our way of life was not… the most rewarding for me. Call it a midlife crisis if you like... Perhaps without even realizing it until recently, I'd been looking for a way out – a back door… An escape hatch. I want to pursue a better, more wholesome life now, Mykl d'Angelo – and you're how I'm going to do it."

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