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   Chapter 60 No.60

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 4998

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"Good to meet you, Captain d'Angelo!" Grant greeted, and shook his hand warmly.

"The pleasure's mine, Governor." Mykl greeted.

Mykl caught a better view of the man seated in the armchair. He looked slightly younger than Grant, was well-dressed, and sipped genteelly from a brandy glass – eyeing him with suspicion.

"Captain, may I introduce Mr. Gerald Mortimer-Scott, the mayor of Port St. James."

"Mr. Scott." Mykl greeted, extending a hand, expecting a similar greeting. The man just sat there and stared at him with apparent indifference.

"Mortimer-Scott, Captain, if you please." The man replied coolly.

Charmed, I'm sure, Mykl thought.

Grant, unperturbed meanwhile, ushered Mykl to the center-chair facing the fire. It was bright and crackling pleasantly. The chair was plush, comfortable. 'Lovely', Mykl d'Angelo thought sarcastically.

"A brandy, Captain? – Gerald, pour a brandy for the Captain please, if you'd be so kind."

Mykl sat back while the high-and-mighty mayor rose and with obvious reluctance went to the corner cabinet and poured a drink. He returned with a crystal tumbler containing brandy and wordlessly held it out to him. Mykl thanked him with a big, gracious smile. Mortimer-Scott, surly as before, returned to his seat and resumed staring into the fire, stroking his glass absentmindedly. Grant leaned casually against the mantelpiece and seemed to be getting his ducks in a row. Mykl felt he was about to be questioned or interrogated, or at the

s on the opened pages. It was thick and ancient looking, and it looked like rather heavy reading.

"Governor, " He said after gathering his thoughts, "Right now, I can't give you any straight answers. Are you aware of the squadron of ships that were sent out here to patrol your space?"

"Yes, Captain." Grant nodded. "Five corvettes. Small ships, with fifty crewmen aboard each of them!"

"And another five at Andronicus." Mykl said calmly.

"When the Corsairs came, " Grant argued, "they hit Starbase 91 with ten times as many!"

"All I can say, " He replied, holding Grant's gaze, "is that we're on top of things and you needn't worry further."

This brought a guffaw from Mortimer-Scott. Mykl ignored him.

"Now, now." Grant chided his silent companion, "I'm sure Captain d'Angelo means well. He has matters well in hand."

Mortimer-Scott guffawed again. Grant leaned closer to Mykl, and said conspiratorially: "Never mind him, Captain, his… er – his gout is acting up again."

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