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   Chapter 58 No.58

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 6115

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"Are we all here?" He asked.

"I think so." Mykl nodded. Those that weren't, were on shore leave, and he wasn't going to recall them just for this gig.

"Okay, " The man grinned. "Fasten your seatbelts – skids up in two minutes."

The door closed, and the small ship's motors began to hum with power. The shuttle lifted off the deck, the nose tilted downwards, and the shuttle left the station. It banked steeply, and began to descend into the atmosphere of Tremaine.

"Lovely, isn't it?" Ripley said, looking past him out the window at the breathtaking blue sky, the ocean and landmass below.

"Oh, shut up!" He joked softly.

The shuttle's descent slowed as they reached lower altitudes and the craft cruised sedately for a few minutes. Then it circled above a big, picturesque modern city that was just lighting up under the setting sun, before heading for what looked like a large plantation on the outskirts. With the thrumming of the engines dying down, the shuttle gently settled on an expanse of lawn outside a large white mansion.

When the ramp was down again, they saw a hedge-maze in the distance, lit up like everything else by spotlights on anti-grav pods, hovering about twenty feet up. A large white marble fountain in the form of ancient Greek maidens dancing or playing, was splashing nearby and if Mykl strained his hearing, he swore he could hear peacocks in the distance. When Mykl started at the Academy on Earth, Mykl encountered peacocks for the first time. Ever since, he'd called them 'distress birds' – because they were always calling for 'heyelp!'

As he looked down the ramp, he saw evidence of the shuttle pilot's skill – the shuttle had landed right on a red carpet that led away from the ramps' edge toward a brick pathway. The path led across the green lawn, all the way up to a gaily

ybody anymore? Why the hell couldn't he just take people at face value? Stop doubting? Because he didn't want to get hurt again, that's why. Duh.

Mykl took in his surroundings. The night air was cool, fresh and aromatic. The mansion was the official residence of the Governor of Tremaine, and was probably around eighty years old. The Verandah surface was made from some gray slate-like material. The verandah rose high over the surrounding grounds, which were quite extensive. It was broad and aside from where it joined the front wall of the building, the other side had no rails or sides of any kind, but it just dropped away suddenly into a 12 foot drop into a wide flower bed below. Rolling green foothills faded into the distance, lit by the hovering floodlights. There were a few tables by the edge bedecked with appetizing snacks. Feeling puckish, he decided to mount his own frontal assault, and sauntered over to pick at them. Then there was a sudden commotion as a guest collided with a waiter. A silver tray clattered on the slate, sending several glasses rolling in all directions, spilling their contents. The guest was a short middle-aged man, balding, in his forties, who began apologizing profusely.

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