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   Chapter 57 No.57

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5327

Updated: 2018-06-29 19:02

Then he considered his own future. How was he going to get out of this? Could he? What about escape? The cell didn't look like there was any easy way out – in fact he couldn't see any from the inside. He might have an opportunity if he was taken out of the cell – a chance to get his hands on a weapon. Then, if he could reach a shuttle after that – cruisers like this one often carried at least two long range star-shuttles… he might make it to a haven frequented by Corsairs, from where he could hitch a ride home, and start again.

But it was more complicated than that, he knew. His crew was dead, his ship lost… destroyed – captured by the cursed Terran Space Fleet! The Black Fleet didn't just hand out ships to captains who'd lost theirs… Plus, he'd also placed them all at considerable risk of being discovered – he'd just as likely be killed by his own people for that! Plus he'd have to start just about all the way from the bottom again. A captain without a ship or crew didn't count for much in Corsair society! He had no doubts about his abilities and skills to get back where he'd been, even if it did take some time... but did he still have that in him? He was less than half his present age the last time, when he first started out in the Black Fleet and taken the name Blachart – a fierce, strong young man, full of cunning, drive, energy and ambition to prove himself worthy! He'd wanted to be the fiercest Corsair of them all, with an eye on the Admiral's title as his prize! A few more years, and he would've had it too! Oh well, easy come, easy go… he mused. Was that still w

some were probably arriving to start their shifts. They were directed to a surface-bound shuttle that had been reserved for the Governor's guests, and boarded it via the lowered entrance ramp on the side. Mykl chose a window seat against the front bulkhead, and he and Ripley sat together. Ripley looked radiant in a low-cut black evening gown dusted with little rainbow sparkles. Doctor Payne was already waiting, and wore a glittering blue evening dress that didn't match the look of boredom she wore on her face. Lt. Hanson arrived, looking rather handsome, Mykl thought, and sat beside Ensign Kneal, who wore a red evening gown and looked rather stunning. Hanson looked to Mykl a bit like the classic James Bond, if a little younger, in a dark blue tuxedo. Mykl tugged at the collar of his mess-dress jacket, but in a relaxed manner, not as though it were really closing in on him.

A middle-aged looking man dressed in a pilot's uniform entered and nodding silent greetings as he passed, made his way to the central door to the flight deck beside Ripley.

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