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   Chapter 55 No.55

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5369

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By noon, most of the crew of the Antares were on 24 hours shore leave on Tremaine, except for the repair crew aboard the Undertaker and some marines who were left to guard the prisoner. Aboard the Undertaker, Nore and his team began to straighten out the mess.

Mykl and Ripley spent a few hours going over the crew manifest – Ripley pointing out likely candidates for the team he would take to Meradinis.

"Mr. Nore was hesitant to accept the task to repair the Corsair ship, but after a little gentle prodding, accepted the assignment. " Mykl told her, knowing her own previous frustrations with the man.

She laughed out loud, and admitted "That went better than I expected!"

"It's all about the people." Mykl smiled at her. "Entechs speak about using the right tool for the job… well, it's the same thing really."

"You calling Nore a tool?" She giggled. "I agree – I think he's a tool too, when he tells me to piss off out of his engine room!"

"I mean to say, " Mykl corrected himself, "That sometimes you need the right person for the job too – and in this case, that's certainly him."

"Ah." She smiled at him again. "But I still think he's a tool."

"As far as the right tool is concerned, " Mykl continued, feigning seriousness, "Sometimes a little humanity, thanks and appreciation are exactly what's needed."

They continued reviewing likely candidates for the Undertaker's new crew. Lt. Hanson was a prime candidate, as were most of the security marines. He would need a competent helmsman, and a medic, as well as at least one entech with enough skill to keep the Undertaker in

threads the other day. You should've seen the look on that Specialist's face when he saw the state of the one I handed back from the previous day."

Ripley laughed. That set of uniform had been only a day old, and it was full of burn marks, tears and holes. She could imagine.

Then Doctor Payne called and informed him that the prisoner had been transferred to the brig, in irons, and that he was under guard there. The survivor they'd rescued from the starbase had also been transferred to a hospital on the surface. Apparently his home had been on Tremaine, and his family. Mykl informed the Doctor of the invitation to dinner and cocktails slow torture at the Governor's residence in just under two hours. She groaned as well. Then he left his desk and followed Ripley to collect something more appropriate to wear to the formal 'do' later. Let him wait. Mykl thought of his prisoner. Let him stew. It might do Mr. Blachart the Bloody some good to sit in a bare cell, alone with his thoughts, considering his future – and whatever it might hold in store for him.

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