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   Chapter 54 No.54

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"Yeah – if he co-operates."

"Yes, but then it should go a lot smoother."

Mykl would've liked to hope that satisfied her, but he knew better. Ripley would have liked him not to go, but she too knew better. They were in the Space Fleet – they had the same duty. This in itself implied a substantial lack of choice in the matter. Or he could just resign again and be left back where he started. He didn't want to do that anymore – and neither did she, so all they could do was to accept that which they could not change. They had to live with it, if that was to be.

"At least I know you'll be here waiting for me." Mykl smiled at her. She frowned.

"Do you even realize how much of a cliché that is, Mykl?" She retorted. "Me sitting here waiting like a good little housewife, minding the housework?"

"Ouch!" He said. "That's not what I meant. Sorry."

"Look, Mykl." Ripley said in a softer tone of voice. "You're the Captain – of this ship… and of my heart. And I want you to think of me as your Exo, in every possible sense of the term. Yes, I'll still be here waiting for you when you get back – or right by your side going in, if that's where you want me!"

Ripley left the office to handle a few other matters pertaining to the continued maintenance and repair of Antares, and briefly visiting the O.D.S. to signing off on some docking forms. Not long after that, Commander Nore arrived and handed in a report which basically said Antares was fully space-worthy and ready for just about anything. Mykl was delighted to hear it, and thanked him for his hard work. Then he told Nore what was in store for him – at le


"Yes, well – I'll need my whole crew of entechs, with all their equipment, sir." He told his Captain. "And probably some heavy lifting gear from the loading docks, so if you could ask their Controller for a loan?"

"I'll do better than that." Mykl promised. "I'll ask him to loan us some extra technicians as well."

"Thank you, sir!" Nore said with appreciation in his voice.

"Sure thing." Mykl nodded in parting as the man left.

The next order of business was to call the ODS's Control Central and have the space tugs return the Undertaker. After a little muffled swearing, the Chief Controller agreed, and got hold of the relevant department. A little over an hour later, the tugs that had delivered the ruined loderunner at the orbital jetty, returned it. They dropped it just off Antares's starboard bow, and she was moved into position by Antares' tractor beams, and then docked at the main starboard airlock. The smaller, ugly cylindrical ship looked more like a tumorous growth attached to the side of the pristine cruiser, or like a nasty little parasite.

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