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   Chapter 52 No.52

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5223

Updated: 2018-06-29 19:02

A message flashed across his desktop screen. Mykl accepted the call. As expected, it was Vice Admiral Hobbs. After the usual terse greetings, Hobbs began setting the background for his next task.

"We've had intelligence working on the data you sent us since yesterday, Mykl. As everyone knows, despite fighting the Corsairs for so long, wherever we found them, we've never actually known where they were operating from – except for a vague 'somewhere in the Omegan Quadrant'... This made it a priority to try to discover the location of their base. Corsairs frequently chose to die fighting rather than surrender, so it was very rare that we ever had anyone to interrogate – and even when we did have prisoners, they didn't know. A few years ago, efforts were escalated to capture Corsair ships as intact as possible to try and discover the location in their logs or nav-tables, to no avail. They either wiped their logs, destroyed their databanks, or blew up their own ships when facing capture. We just never had any lucky breaks."

"Until now?" Mykl prompted hopefully.

"Yes, until now." Hobbs smiled. "Your work has proved invaluable, Mykl. We've discovered the location of their base-world at last!"

Mykl took a deep breath, and savored the moment. Now that was something to write home about!

"The data we got has given us an exact location, amongst other things." Hobbs continued, suddenly serious again. "But it's still not enough."

It never is, Mykl thought. He knew Hobbs from his previous career in the service, before he'd quit to seek his

s, you're going to need them." Hobbs's face fell. "One other thing – your prisoner. It's a sore point with me, but Command wants to cut him a deal and send him with you as some kind of guide!"

"A deal!" Mykl balked again. "Personally I'd like to blow him out an air lock!"

"I share your sentiments, Captain." Hobbs nodded. "But they figure he's just small fry. You're being given the task of convincing him to work with us."

"In exchange for what?"

"Full immunity. A pardon." Hobbs added. "I'll be sending that document through to you along with the co-ordinates."

"Sir – he's Blachart the Bloody!"

"I know."

"He got that name for a reason!"

"I know." Said Hobbs, who doubtlessly did. "Mykl – you know as well I do, you're going to need a guide… Someone who knows the layout first-hand – somebody who knows how things work there. Otherwise it could be a real short trip. Believe it or not, I promoted you for a good reason – and that reason wasn't just so I would have to look for a replacement again in a few weeks!"

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