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   Chapter 51 No.51

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5948

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The Antares had forty-three bodies in storage. Nineteen of those had been crew members of the Antares – and one of them, his predecessor. The rest were dead Corsairs, about which he felt nothing at all. All of the crew of the Undertaker had been killed in the battle – and Mykl felt a certain pride in the fact that he'd been personally responsible for most of those deaths. All the dead were to be handed over to the authorities at the Orbital Docking Station at Tremaine when they docked there later, as per his orders from Admiral Hobbs.

The badly damaged corsair ship was also to be left at the orbiting facility, probably to be analyzed further by Fleet Intelligence specialists once his own entechs had finished with her. Mykl's first assignment was to have all data stripped from the ship's computer and forwarded to Core Command for intelligence analysis. That was easier said than done, considering the amount of damage the ship had sustained in the battle that had raged within her – but Antares had some very competent entech on her crew. First and foremost of their entechs was Commander Adam Nore, but it still took time to effect repairs to the computer system, then to access the data, and to transmit it to Antares, who then relayed it in encrypted form to Core Command several light years away.

In the meantime, the squadron of corvettes sent out by Vice Admiral Hobbs to form a preliminary perimeter around the sector, had divided into two groups of five ships each, with one patrolling the space around Tremaine. The other was assigned to the space around Andronicus. The Alpha Fleet was probably still being recalled from maneuvers, and Mykl adopted a wait-and-see attitude as to when they would arrive in the area.

It took three days under reduced speed

n't keep quiet or wet their beds or because they put the cat in the washing machine – but simply because they were there.

The Christmas Massacres had been one particularly bad episode in this very long, blood-drenched saga. Four colonies were attacked simultaneously by the pirate hordes, and only two years ago. Men, women and children were butchered wholesale. It was this incident which had earned him the tag 'the Bloody". Up until then he'd just been plain old Blachart. And yes, he really did collect the ceremonial bells of ships he'd beaten. Mykl had seen them, and lived to tell the tale! In fact he'd just sent off his full report to Vice Admiral Hobbs the previous morning, and was expecting a call from the man at any moment.

Blachart had been found in the cargo bay of the Undertaker, still alive, but barely. He was brought aboard with critical injuries, having managed to avoid being killed in the last big explosion set off by Mykl. This left something of a problem for Mykl – he now had a prisoner to deal with – one he really didn't want.

He also had a man by the name of Harm Johansson aboard. Harm. Ha! Quite a contrast with a name like Blachart the Bloody.

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