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   Chapter 49 No.49

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5165

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"I've a better idea." She suggested, "You stay here and finish what you started."

She squeezed him hard in her arms and once more he became aware of the pressure of her breasts against him. Things got a little foggy after that.

The next morning, early, they awoke. He was briefly grateful for a dead sleep without any dreams. They showered together before he returned, bedraggled, to his slightly less interesting quarters, not entirely avoiding the stares of some crewmen he passed in the corridor leading away from Ripley's quarters. Then he dragged on another brand new red uniform – the previous one had been completely ruined beyond repair. After that, he went for breakfast at the officer's mess, getting back into the routine once again. He was starving – no, ravenous after yesterday's performance. Last nights too, for that matter. As he devoured his third helping of bacon and eggs, he pondered over his present predicament. Did last night really mean anything, or was it just a fling? Was it? Or was there more to it? Would there be some kind of a permanent arrangement, or was it going to be business as usual for Commanders d'Angelo and Jones?

He hoped she wanted him for more than just a diversion, or some kind of salve for her guilt complex. She had told him she loved him… Yes, he definitely remembered that. He hadn't imagined it. He hoped the words weren't just spoken out of passion – on the spurt of the moment, so to speak. 'No, face it, man' he chastised himself as he drained his cup of coffee, 'You let her get back

"Something wrong with your hearing, Captain?" Hobbs jibed. The trouble with Hobbs was you never really knew… "It's yours if you want it." He said casually, and held up a piece of paper with writing on it, "You do want it, don't you? I could always tear it up…"

"No, sir – I mean – yes, sir! Thank you sir!"

Hobbs nodded in acknowledgment, and smiled.

"Don't thank me yet – remember what happened to the last man who carried that title. Your Exo will fill you in on your first assignment." He said before fading from the screen. Captain Mykl d'Angelo turned to Ripley, still dumb-founded.

"What the hell just happened?" He asked, pointing numbly at the screen. "My Exo?"

Ripley raised her hand. "Here."

Then she had stood up, walked round the desk, and threw her arms around him.

"Congratulations, Captain." She said, and kissed him.

"Thanks." He said. "You're not upset?"

"Upset?" Ripley mocked playfully. "What the hell just happened?" She teased, mimicking his shocked voice. "Why should I be upset?"

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