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   Chapter 46 No.46

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He ran on, retreating to his next position. The next instant, blaster bolts whined overhead and he ducked for cover, to the sound of wood shattering and burning. The remaining corsairs were closing in, trying to flank him. He looked around. In this area the crates were more loosely arranged, single layer, low enough to shoot over. He stuck the machine-pistol over and squeezed off a few rapid burps in their direction. They ducked. One was too slow, jerking all the way back into Orbit before falling over. More bolts came in reply from different directions, thudding into the other side of the crate he was hiding behind. There was another ear-shattering explosion as someone nearby set off another of his deadly booby-traps. He made a break for it, resisting a powerful urge to laugh as he ran – he felt quite pleased with himself for his ingenuity.

His endgame was nearly in sight, the grand finale he'd planned. It was right near another emergency exit hatch. When he finally reached it, Mykl uncovered the piece of rip-cord and unrolled it behind him as he went towards the emergency exit. He took out one of the key-cards, swiped it through the lock, and the door clicked open. He gave it a kick to swing it open. Almost done! Then Mykl turned to check what it was he'd backed into… It was the muzzle of an auto-shotgun… At the other end was the familiar face of Blachart, who said, rather disappointedly, "Well, I guess this means you won't be taking me up on my offer after all."

Mykl swallowed. He backed away slowly and turned to face the Corsair.

"Drop the gun." The Corsair ordered. The machine-pistol clattered on the deck as Mykl dropped it. "You've been rather busy, haven't you? Killing my men, destroying my cargo

Distant stacks of crates and containers began slowly falling over, making quite a mess, adding to the inferno. Ammo could be heard popping and zinging faintly through the door. It looked a little bit like Hell on a Tuesday. The door was hot to the touch. Nodding his approval, Mykl decided Blachart was probably a little busy at the moment, and that he wouldn't appreciate the intrusion. Besides, he didn't think anyone in there could have survived. Actually, he thought it rather miraculous that the explosion hadn't ruptured the hull and blown everything out into space. He was quite relieved it hadn't, though. At any rate, his aim had been to create a diversion, attract the majority of the enemy into one place, set a trap for them, and cause enough damage to give Antares the opportunity to intervene. He had a good idea he'd achieved those objectives – and especially with their leader out of the picture, things should be much simpler – now all he had to was wait for rescue. All in a day's work. No problem. …But there was still the matter of the hostages. Mykl reached for the blaster under his jacket in the back of his belt, and started walking.

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