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   Chapter 45 No.45

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 4994

Updated: 2018-06-29 12:02

* * *

Antares was still monitoring the Corsair ship, the stand-off still in force. A message from the lead ship of the squadron of corvettes enroute to join them was all that had broken the tension, and only momentarily. There really was nothing else to be done, other than to provoke an open battle and risk losing the Captain and the other hostages in the process. Ripley's thoughts dwelled on Mykl, facing only Lords-knew-what, perhaps he was the one single blue dot that seemed to be roaming the ship... perhaps even fighting overwhelming odds. Perhaps he was in the brig, captured… or worse, perhaps he'd been killed… Gods, please, not that, she hoped.

"Commander!" Ensign Muller called. He sounded surprised. Ripley tiredly looked his way without a word. "There's just been a large explosion aboard the Corsair! One minor hull breach evident, dorsal hull!"

"An explosion?" She queried. "Can you determine the cause?"

"No, ma'am." Muller said, but if Ripley had to guess, she knew what her answer would be. It would be a space hazard called Mykl d'Angelo.

"What's their status?"

"Slowing to a stop, sir."

"They're on fire inside!" Muller reported. "Life support is failing."

"What about their transmatter nullifier?"

"It's gone, ma'am! It's offline!"

Ripley's jaw set firmly. This was the opportunity they were waiting for!

"All security marines to the transmatter immediately!" She ordered.

* * *

Lying in wait in perhaps one of the parts of the Corsair

g footsteps. Two of them. No, three. Definitely three. Then Mykl suddenly appeared round the corner and fired a short burst. The man right in front danced backwards into his buddies. Catching his body slowed them down. The sound of the machine pistol still ringing in his ears, Mykl ran down a pathway, the other two fast on his heels. He weaved around the corners created by protruding crates as bolts and bullets zip-zipped into them. Then he dive-rolled into an alcove to the side and waited. The leading Corsair blundered through a tripwire, setting off two mines with a huge bang, blowing crates into the air, showering the area with wood splinters, dust and burning contents! The fire was spreading now, and from his shelter, over the sound of his own breathing, Mykl heard the pitter-patter of detritus raining down – and then the shouts and commotion of people coming nearer. Of his victims there was no sign, except perhaps for a piece of smoldering rubbish that might have been a boot.

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