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   Chapter 44 No.44

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 6908

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As soon as his escape was discovered – and that might be at any moment, the Corsairs would come looking for him in force. Antares was obviously unable to shift them out with the transmatter, or they would already have done so. They couldn't fire at them because of the risk to the hostages. What should he do? Sabotage seemed to be the best answer he could think of! If he could disable whatever was cancelling out the transmatter, that might end the stand-off entirely! Creating a distraction might also keep the Corsairs busy, and not focused on the hostages or the Antares.

Mykl decided he had to weaken them from the inside, cause enough chaos so that perhaps Antares would see an opportunity to intervene. Mentally, he rubbed his hands together with eagerness. Right! Let's see what's in these boxes! He chose a crate at random. It was nailed shut, so to save time, he blasted a corner off. When the smoke cleared from the hole, he inserted a hand carefully. He withdrew the melted remains of a portable pc, still bubbling from the heat. Well that was clearly no good, so he let it drop back through the hole. Looking around for more useful content, his eyes fell on a nearby shipping container. A logo on the side read: "StarCor: We'll take your lode!" The doors at the end were unlocked and opened easily. Inside he found stacks of plasti-steel packing cases, the type used to transport new weapons direct from the manufacturer. His heart racing with boyish excitement, he began opening them with a grin on his face like a kid at Saturnalia. As he did so, one after another, his grin grew wider and wider until he felt he might look like the Cheshire Cat. Inside the first set of containers, he found grenades, minus detonators, and detonators. There were also several auto-shotguns with the seal of the Law Enforcement Ministry sunk in the durastress butts, some gleaming new machine-pistols, and a selection of heavy-duty machine-guns with biped stands and boxes of ammo-belts. He even found some antipersonnel mines which had been manufactured on Eden, his ho

ibrations of the shock of the explosion through the deck plating beneath his feet, and even the crates around him rattled and shifted. Mykl noticed that something strange had happened to the foyer at the top of the tube – it had suddenly changed shape from a neat rectangle, to something that looked more like the bottom of a cauldron. Struts and bits or supporting girders, twanged loose and rattled around the traumatized structure. The paint changed color from light tan to a dark shitty brown. Bits of debris began to debris everywhere. Part of the latticework collapsed and began to slowly fall as the ship's artificial gravity field dragged it downward. It raised a hell of a noise as the whole distorted foyer followed it. He scurried for better cover a little further away, grateful for the respirator – smoke and dust began to churn around him! When he dared look back again, flames blazed from the remaining corridor on the starboard side of the ship! Flames leapt from the remains of the other end of the corridor on the port side! The foyer and attached bits of ruined corridor and their latticework frames were blazing skeletons amongst the stacks of crate! An alarm klaxon began to blare – a fire alarm, and from the sound of it, it was ship-wide. Grinning wickedly, Mykl d'Angelo indulged in a little gleeful cackling as he cheerfully went on to his next project.

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