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   Chapter 43 No.43

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5720

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A really weird moment of silence followed, during which the two thugs exchanged stunned glances. He could almost hear their adrenaline levels peak! Baldy-man – the bigger of the two, lunged forward and tried to grab him. Mykl brought up his hands to repel himself away from Baldy-man, backwards. In such a confined space he could only go one way – into the other guard! He put his head right into Hairy's face, simultaneously launching a kick to Baldy's stomach with his right knee, while grappling with Hairy's gun hand. As Baldy-man doubled over and grabbed Mykl's uniform jacket, Mykl brought Hairy's gun hand down and applied pressure to the man's trigger finger – and blasted Baldy-man in the top of the head. The noisy concussion in that enclosed space was the least of it – gore had sprayed everywhere. With a quick martial arts maneuver, Mykl twisted Hairy around by the arm and shoulder – Hairy slipped on something that had until recently been inside Baldy-man, and landed on the deck grid with a wet, skidding thud. Then he dispatched the Corsair with his own weapon.

"Gah!" Mykl said, shaking his head. His ears would be ringing for hours! By the time the car arrived on level three, it had been extensively redecorated in a pleasant shade of rouge ala Baldy and brown ala Hairy. It also smelled a bit funky, and Mykl was grateful the ventilation system still worked.

"LEVEL THREE – DING!" Said the car-computer. He had to hurry! Mykl stuck one blaster in his belt, and quickly went through the men's pockets. Among the items he found, the only useful things he found were their key-cards. Those might come in handy. He pocketed them.

"DOOR OPENING!" Said the car-computer annoyingly loud just b

in the design of his old Pegasus, these joined the sides of the ship, their latticework supports dividing the hold at the middle level. Mykl quickly climbed a little way up the latticework frame that supported the elevator tube and its foyer above, to see better. The whole thing was quite breathtaking to see, very much like the interior of his own ship, just somewhat older – he could tell by the fittings and fixtures. It was so quiet in there, he could hear the silence.

The cargo hold was what made a loderunner what it was – a cargo carrier. It was packed full of wooden crates, of all things. In the age of plastic alloys and meta-carbon compounds, here were wooden crates! Loderunner crews often used to cut wood from some convenient local world to use for packaging – it was cheaper than buying proper modular freight containers. In the distance, all around, Mykl saw a few of those too – conventional stack-type containers packed to one side in a cluster. There was hardly any open ground left, but he saw some random pathways amid the towering stacks of desk-sized crates. His first priority was to survive. He needed a plan.

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