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   Chapter 42 No.42

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5274

Updated: 2018-06-29 12:02

"Blachart – Captain of the Undertaker, " the Corsair returned without missing a beat. "Space pirate, thief, murderer, part-time assassin and occasional bell-collector. Pleased to meet you."

"Send me back to my ship, and I'll try to see they go easy on you!" Mykl snapped.

"We both know that's not going to happen – on either side of that bargain." Blachart snapped back.

"Just let me put my boots on – then you might as well kill me. Shoot me. Throw me out an airlock if you like. I don't care. But I'm done talking to you." Mykl said icily. He sat down again and put his uniform boots back on, while Blachart drained his glass.

"Such a pity." Blachart said, putting his empty glass down before rising. Mykl stood up too, expecting to be led somewhere. "We were having such a delightful conversation too."

As if sent for, the door opened and a man with a shaven head wearing black clothes entered from an adjoining room. The baldy-man poked a blaster into his already aching kidneys and placed his free hand on Mykl's left shoulder. He let himself be guided to the door.

"d'Angelo!" The Corsair with the terrifying reputation called after him.

Mykl turned to look at his captor.

"Think about it while you sit with what's left of your friends in my brig, breathing my air, drinking my water." Blachart told him.

Mykl regarded the bearded man coldly. He wanted off this ship! As uncomfortable as things were on Antares around Ripley Jones, he wanted to get back there. He needed to!

"Thanks for the drink." He said, and turned to continue walking. "C'mon

caused the baldy-man to kick the side of the opaque tube harshly with his steel-capped boot.

"OUCH!" It said, half seriously. Mykl didn't think it actually felt anything, but it actually reacted more co-operatively after that. "LIFT NOW ON LEVEL ONE, LIFT NOW IN MOTION, LIFT ARRIVING – DING!"

The curved door silently slid open sideways. Baldy-man gave Mykl a hard shove forward, and the two thugs followed him inside.


"Deck three." Baldy-man grunted. The door closed.

"So this is the one who got Jammer." Hairy said coldly.

"Yeah." Said Baldy-man, "Poor kid'll have a cyber-leg the rest of his life."

"Well, at least he's not getting a peg-leg, " said Mykl, adding to the conversation, "Think of the cliché, man – I mean seriously! What would be next – a parrot on the shoulder? A bandanna tied over his head? A prosthesis seems like a much better option, really. Maybe while they're at it, the doc can fit him with breast implants and a tummy-tuck."

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