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   Chapter 39 No.39

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 4505

Updated: 2018-06-29 12:02

Mykl put his head down and ran still harder. A flurry of energy bolts and bullets whined past him, smashing sparks off the walls. There was another side corridor up ahead, tantalizingly close, but would he make it? His pursuers were after him again, running, shooting wild. Made it! He burst around the next corner – and rushed right into another corsair! Both were left writhing on the deck in pain! The others were close behind... Grimacing, Mykl grabbed his weapons off the deck, made for the corner, and turned and fired a few shots at his pursuers.


A bolt smacked the corner just above him, and showered him with sparks. He fired again, keeping his head down. The two corsairs still rushing him. Zip-zip-slap! The characteristic sound echoed as one bolt cleaved the one man's leg off below the knee! The corsair, still screaming, cart-wheeled past him. The severed limb tumbled, slid and bounced to a standstill nearby, one end steaming.

The other Corsair still came on, firing, roaring a battle cry in defiance. Bolts zipped by close, sending sparks leaping off the deck that would've singed his eyebrows had he not rolled clear just in time. Just as he was preparing to get back to his feet again, he found himself staring down a blaster muzzle. The bearded, scraggly looking one he'd collided with moments earlier wa

e seem to be in what looks like a brig."

"Only Two?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am. One of the life signs isn't with the others, he's somewhere else on the ship. There are two in the brig, and I think one guard."

"So, then two of our people appear to be prisoners. And the third? What's he doing?"

"Not moving at the moment ma'am." Muller added. "All I can tell you is, he's alive."

"Laying low perhaps." Ripley speculated. "Or perhaps he's injured." She hoped very strongly that one of the survivors was Mykl… and that somehow, the old man was also among them. A Space Fleet Captain would make a valuable hostage… at least she hoped the Corsairs thought as much. "At least they're alive. Can you identify them?"

Ensign Muller's face seemed to drop. "No way. Something is disrupting the signal – I can tell their location, but not lock onto them – and I can't get their ID codes either."

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