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   Chapter 38 No.38

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"No sir, but…"

"Commander Nore, please return to your post!" Ripley snapped, feeling rather pleased with her self-control. At least she hadn't told him to 'piss off'. Nore left without a word.

"Ensign Muller, any idea who the extra life signs are, or where they came from?" Ripley asked.

"No ma'am!" The sensor operator replied. "They must've been hiding them, sir!" Nordyke guessed, "Somehow."

"Yeah… but, where?"

A variety of different possibilities popped up in Ripley's analytical mind – things like scan inhibitors, or densified cross-plied erronium, which if thick enough could diffuse sensor fields enough to disguise life signals, amongst other things.

"Never mind that now – Mr. Muller, can you pinpoint the location of our people?"

"Yes, ma'am." Ensign Muller nodded, punching keys for the desired result, which she displayed on the main viewscreen. Ripley paid particular attention to the little dots on the scan-map, multi-level display of the other ship. The dots seemed like enraged ants, rushing about. Most were flashing.

"What the hell…" She began. "Comms – try to raise any of our people over there on their comlinks! Find out if everything's okay!"

"No response, ma'am." Nordyke reported. "Not from any of them."

No response? That could only mean one thing… trouble!

"Commander!" Muller called out, "I've picked up some power discharges… and loud percussions – it could be weapons fire! Life readings have dropped to twenty-nine!"

When Ripley's eyes returned to the screen, the little blue dots had stopped flashing. They had winked out of existence. All but three.

"Commander?" Ensign Kneal called. "Should we fire, ma'am?"

The Captain was on that thing, and Mykl, Ripley thought. Of the original twent

eir extra crew members away from their sensors earlier.

"Well, shit!" Ripley cursed uncharacteristically. "There goes that idea!"

Nordyke turned to give her a worried look.

"Anyone got a plan 'B'?" She asked.

* * *

Footsteps pounded down the corridor. Smoke lingered in the air and obscured the far end of the corridor. Mykl panted as he ran. His com-link was gone, and he had no idea how he'd lost it. Considering the chaos, it wasn't really surprising to him. The corsairs weren't far behind him at all. He reached a corner and stopped – he took up a kneeling position at the corner, and waited. Seconds later, two black-clad goons burst out of the smoke screen and pounded into sight. Mykl pulled the triggers in rapid succession and the blasters spat death at them, but the pair managed to dive out of the line of fire and avoided getting hit. He sent a few more bolts to keep their heads down, and then ran for it down the next passage. Above his labored breathing, he heard the men scrambling to their feet and continue the pursuit. He heard two pairs of feet skid around the corner he'd just left, then a voice roared behind him "Shoot, fool, shoot!"

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