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   Chapter 37 No.37

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5244

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"Sir?" Mykl called Falcone, but by this time there was no reply from the old man. He checked for a pulse and found none. The old man had gone. Pondering Falcone's choice last words, Mykl turned to face the enemy, and brought his blaster up to fire again, when one of the Corsairs at the barricade opened up with a heavy machine gun. In the confined space, the chop-chop-chop-chop was deafening. Behind, star-marines crumpled and fell. Metallic cartridge casings tinkled to the deck, still hot. Confident of their victory, the corsairs moved forward, running right past his prone form. He couldn't see very far, because of the sudden appearance of smoke – someone had discharged a blaster into the bulkhead and set it on fire! Smoke and fumes from burning plastic began to fill the transmatter room and corridor beyond it. He saw the chance and seized it.

Gripping a blaster in each hand, Mykl quickly sprang to his feet, and ran through the opening in the barricade. It was deserted, and he assumed they must have ran on into the transmatter chamber to finish off any survivors. There was nothing he could do there anymore, he consoled himself as he ran on, into the maze of tunnels of the ship. He was outnumbered and outgunned, and in that space, the Corsairs held the advantage. He could do nothing there of any use. He decided to go somewhere else in the enemy ship where he could do some good – sabotage, delaying tactics – and to get in touch with the Antares as soon as he could! He ran at breakneck speed, keeping low – coughing in the choking pall, the pounding

rsonnel were during away missions, and also aided in locking onto them with a transmatter in poor or difficult conditions. It also helped in finding bodies when there were no more life signs. Nore, as a high-level entech, should've known all that already anyway.

"Hmm." Nore mused. "Why're those blue ones flashing then?"

"I don't know…" Muller said perplexed, noticing that suddenly there seemed to be a few more red dots on the screen than before. "The original count was twelve. We sent twenty-two over in the boarding party. The total count increased to…"

"Thirty-four. I can count, Lt. It's a requirement to do my job."

"No, sir." Said Jacob Muller, adding under his breath, "And that's Ensign, sir."

Commander Nore looked at him askance. "Don't get cocky, Lt. – this isn't the time or the…"

"No, sir that's not what I meant – Commander Jones! The life reading count just went up to forty-six!"

"Forty-six?" Nore repeated, perplexed. "Math's hasn't changed into quantum physics – or magic, since I left school, has it?"

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