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   Chapter 35 No.35

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5519

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Well okay then. Falcone knew this was risky – Corsairs weren't that easily beaten, and they tended to not give up without a fight – so if this was a Corsair ship, what were they really up to? He turned to his new Corsair expert, who also seemed to be watching him in turn.

"Mr. de Angelo? Their ship has been painted black, has no ID beacon, was spotted passing by the scene of a recent crime in a suspicious manner without running lights, and seems to have been extensively modified. They're heavily armed – illegally so, in point of fact. Your conclusion?"

Did the old man want it spelled out for him? Okay then.

"If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…" Mykl said flippantly. "They could have been left behind as scouts to gauge the reaction to their attack on the Starbase."

"Nordyke – get a boarding party to the transmatter, on the double!" Falcone snapped. "Make it two squads."

"Aye, sir!" Nordyke acknowledged.

"Ripley, it's your ship!" Falcone told her.

"My ship, sir." Ripley acknowledged.

"Nordyke, call Nore and have him check weapons and helm systems while I'm gone – we don't need any more random power fluctuations in the middle of this situation!"

"Aye, sir!"

"Ensign Kneal, keep your torpedoes locked on that ship!"

"Yes, sir." Samantha Kneal nodded grimly.

"d'Angelo, you're with me – let's go!"

* * *

The transmatter chamber on Antares was a hive of activity. It was abuzz with twenty star-marines of the security section in their gray uniforms, kitting up with black body armor vests and checking a variety of personal equipment. Side arms were double checked. Lt. Hanson handed the Ca

safety and into harm's way.

* * *

The boarding party's eyes swept round them, their weapons following. The deck and sides looked clean, a light brown color typical to the interior of many loderunners. There seemed to be one exit, beyond which Mykl could see the opening of a short corridor. They'd arrived in a relatively small chamber on the other ship, roughly a third the size of the one they'd left. Mykl felt a sudden onset of claustrophobia coming on… Then they saw him – a tall man who stood in front of the entrance to the corridor, hands clasped behind his back. Like a schoolmaster, Mykl thought, recognizing him as the blond man on the viewscreen earlier.

Captain Falcone pushed his way through the surrounding line of security marines. As the only two officers wearing the red ship's personnel uniforms, even with their black body armor vests, they stood out from the surrounding gray-uniformed marines. The old man stepped forward, outside the ring of marines, followed by Mykl.

"I'm Captain Falcone, I.S.S. Antares." Falcone introduced himself. "I hope you will co-operate."

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