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   Chapter 34 No.34

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"What's their weapons status?"

"Shields and energy weapons off-line, sir!"


"Still no response, Captain." Nordyke replied. "I'm picking up a lot of internal chatter though – sounds like shouting."

"Is their comms system working?" Falcone asked.

"Yes, sir." Nordyke replied. "There's a channel open – they're just not responding."

"Keep trying."

Time ran on, seconds into minutes. Falcone leaned forward in his seat, perplexed.

"I don't like it." Mykl told him. "They're up to something."

"What's going on over there?" The old man asked, puzzled. "What are they doing?"

There seemed to be no answer. The other ships ID-beacon was still off. Antares' one on the other hand, was not. Whoever was on the other ship, they would know who they were dealing with – and even if they hadn't before, they'd know by now for certain.

"Perhaps they're wondering whether a thirty year old modified lode runner would be a match for a cruiser at this distance." Mykl speculated.

"Well, " said Falcone grimly, growing tired of the waiting game, "If they're not answering, then perhaps they're listening – Nordyke, tell them if they don't answer our call in five minutes, we'll take that as hostile intent, and open fire!"

This got results, for scarcely fifteen seconds later, Nordyke reported: "Captain! They're hailing us!"

Falcone nodded, settling back into his command chair. That was more like it!

"Put it on the big screen." He s

s going offline, Captain!" Muller reported.

"Standby." Falcone told the blond man, and signaled to Nordyke to cut the channel. The inset window vanished, restoring their view of the freighter. What chance indeed? He thought angrily. Then he sat down again, and turned to Ripley.

"Assessment, Commander?"

"They are definitely armed, sir." Ripley opined, and pointed out the scan of the other ship. "Far too heavily for just a loderunner."

"What do they have?"

"A small compliment of slam-torpedoes, lower grade ion cannon, level 2 shields… and something that looks like a rail-gun. Additionally, the man has no record in the imperial database. Facial and voice recognition has nothing on him."

Falcone nodded. It seemed to him that in the closing days of his career, he'd managed to snag a major trophy – a fully armed Corsair raider, intact, and without a single shot fired. At least, not yet.

"So whoever he is, he's not a citizen?" He concluded.

"No sir."

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