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   Chapter 33 No.33

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"Sir?" He called in low tones.

"Hmm?" Falcone replied, his eyes glued to the viewscreen, which had split to show the stars ahead of them, and the dark, red-outlined mystery ship directly behind.

"Shouldn't we raise our shields, Captain?" Falcone looked at him, blankly. Mykl sighed inwardly, leaned closer and whispered again. "If they are who we think they are – getting shot in the ass would be most unpleasant, sir – and embarrassing."

Falcone straightened up abruptly. They were indeed vulnerable! The loderunner was in fact, armed – and he'd just inadvertently presented them with a perfect target!

"Shields up!" He snapped, kicking himself mentally for his slip-up.

"Shields up, aye!" Kneal reported, as though she'd been expecting the order.

Just then, Linson's helm console displays flickered, faded, came back – some bar graphic indicators, displays and lights flashed meaningless data and – for a moment – the ship failed to respond to the control hardware!

"What is it?" Falcone hissed.

"I don't know, Captain… it's okay…everything seems to be returning to normal now." The console displays stabilized again. At the point where Linson judged he had about enough room left, he eased off the boost and applied braking thrusters. Antares began to decelerate sharply. "Turning now." He narrated, hands busy on the hardware. The ship turned a sharp 180 degrees, the stars skidding across the viewscreen with the rotation. As yet, the pursuing vessel was not near enough to be v

hter, slightly blurry from rapid deceleration. There were a few audible sighs of relief as it came to a dead stop ahead of them. It was really an ugly ship, Mykl thought – but so was his own – it was just that he'd grown fond of Pegasus. This other ship seemed unfamiliar and menacing. The hull was black.

"Ship stationary, Captain." Linson reported. "Full stop, range – five kilometers."

"Well done, everybody – well flown, Linson." Falcone said, relieved. "What's their status?"

"I have it, sir." Ripley reported, checking her own console readouts carefully. There were twelve life readings over there, on the other ship. She switched to bioscan mode.

"Their pulses are up… There's a lot of motion, running, frantic activity… It looks like chaos, sir." She switched to techno. "Engineering's a sweet little disaster – power levels barely under control – but after such an emergency stop, I suppose that's understandable... I'd say it looks like they didn't see us until the last moment."

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