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   Chapter 32 No.32

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5670

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"They're passing Bernardus-2 now, sir." Ensign Linson reported. "They'll pass out of the system in about three hours at present speed. At their current heading, they could just go to warp and be in unknown space in fifteen hours."

"The Omegan Quadrant?" Falcone asked Linson sharply.

"Yes, sir."

"Lt. Nordyke – signal them to identify themselves!"

A tense moment passed while Nordyke attempted to get a response from the mystery ship.

"No response, Captain!"

"Keep trying, mister! Helm – you got that intercept course ready?"

"Aye, sir!"

"Implement! Ship's status to red alert – battle stations! Sensors, report any change in their status!"

As the appropriate alarm sounded around the ship audibly for the first ten seconds, and silent thereafter, the Antares altered course and moved to intercept the mystery craft. Ensign Kneal brought the weapons systems online and to 'standby'. Beside her, at the helm console, Eric Linson brought the Antarse a little over to starboard to ensure that their course would intersect a little sooner with the other. The distance between them decreased with every passing moment.

"Still no reply, Captain." Nordyke reported. Falcone thoughtfully gazed at the viewscreen, on which was displayed a live, magnified image of the other ship – a black shadowy shape that had to be enhanced and outlined with bright red outlines to be seen against the dark backdrop of space. It was small compared to them, and intentionally dark. The hull looked black, without any markings, running lights or signs of life, other than the power that lit up the business ends of its engine nacelles. As they approached, it still continued to give no sign of no

. When there's enough braking distance left for him – stop dead and face him head-on. Got it?"

"Sir?" A bemused Linson said, wide-eyed.

"Can you handle that, Lt?"

After a moment, Linson nodded grimly. "Yes, sir." He muttered.

"Ensign Kneal." He called the weapons officer, who sat beside Linson. She turned to look at him. "Standby to fire on them at that point – but only on my order."

"Yes, sir!"

The warship smoothly overtook the dark ship. In just a few minutes, the Antares entered the same flight path ahead of it, as ordered, and Linson opened up the gap. If they stopped too close in front of it, Mykl knew, it would result in one of the more spectacular space smashes in history – and might make a really interesting case in point in one of the many classes at the Academy. As a matter of course, another unpleasant possibility occurred to him. Supposing the other ship really was a Corsair? What if they were, and they were only ignoring the Antares, pretending to not have seen them? If they were, they would be foolish not to avail themselves of the opportunity! He leaned over the Captains shoulder.

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