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   Chapter 29 No.29

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5598

Updated: 2018-06-29 12:02

"What?" She began – but they couldn't wait any more – he grabbed her by the wrist, and dragged her with him, protesting all the way, to the back entrance. They exited through the old kitchen door, just as a loud explosion flattened the front of the ruined house. The roar of the detonation rang in their ears as they ran for cover into the overgrown garden. Falling bits of masonry rained down and thudded into the tall wild grass around them. Mykl and Maxine d'Angelo ran with nightmarish rhythmical slowness towards a shallow ditch in the shrubbery, just as bullets suddenly zipped a dust spray behind them.

Mykl's shoulder took a hammer-blow – he felt Max's body jerk and pull him hard to one side, and they tumbled headlong together into the long grass in a tangle of limbs. The auto-rifle and field glasses went flying. In the adrenaline-fuelled moments that followed, all he could hear was his own breathing. His head ringing, ignoring the sharp, burning pain in his right shoulder – his arm feeling mostly numb and useless – he crawled back to his sister, calling her name frantically as she lay motionless, face-down in the grass. Small flying insects came swarming up to his face in the humidity of the long grass. Patches of red had oozed and spread quickly around the large rips and craters in the back of her shredded t-shirt as he watched. Then he realized with horror that the rips were not just in her shirt! Moaning in a combination of bitter anger and abject horror, Mykl struggled to turn her over, his hands slipping over her skin as blood oozed over it, spreading from the wounds. He cringed as he saw the same bloody mess reflected on her front…

He was


He watched the light of life leave his sister's beautiful eyes... and then she was gone.

"Max?" He called her name, shaking her body. "Max?"

Young Mykl fell over her body in grief, crying, screaming, and sobbing. Around him, the explosions were becoming more distant, the rattle of machine-gun fire fading, the roar of engines becoming more regular. Utterly grief-stricken, tears streaming from his eyes and even from his nose, young Mykl d'Angelo gave himself over to the anger that was already boiling over within him. It smothered all doubts, all fear, any thought for consequences. He heard his own heart pounding in his head, the rhythmic pulsing ache in his shoulder subsided somewhat, and he felt like his body contained a wound-up spring that could power the universe! His body twanged like high tensile steel – and the pain in his shoulder? That searing pain seemed like an infusion of electricity – of power! Still hunched there with his sister's body, young Mykl let out a scream of anguish. And then another of rage, eyeing the broken body of his twin, a cry for all the world to hear!

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