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   Chapter 27 No.27

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"I'm trying to fix this, Mykl. Please."

"After all this time?" He said cynically. "What, ten years down the line, when it's convenient for you – and what, we're stuck inside an elevator together, you want to fix this?"

She suddenly looked away, and a strange, worried expression played about her beautiful features. "It's a big universe, Mykl." She said softly, "You just dropped into my lap out of nowhere. It's perfect. The universe has given us a second chance. I'm single – you're single…"

"Oh – so you assume I'm single?"

"Aren't you?"

He sent her a hard look. Damn her! Yes, he was single – and for too damned long, too! Oh yes, he'd missed Ripley, despite everything – that's what killed him. But – dammit! He had pride – she'd dumped him. She'd laughed and paraded around in front of him with her new catch, not caring for a millisecond if he was hurting, or how much. Not caring if he objected, nor what he thought or felt. Now she wanted him back?

"What if I am?" He asked indignantly. She reached over and put her hand on his.

"We could try again. We could – if you wanted to. I do – and I think you do too."

Mixed emotions surged in his heart. Her eyes looked into his invitingly. The curves of her body – and her scent – were enough to sway the argument, threatening to send him over the edge of his pride. Nirvana yawned before him – and then he realized with difficulty – and then with a shock, that he was thinking more with the wrong brain. His will prevailed. He pushed her hand away, but gently. It was like throwing away money. A lot of money.

"You're asking me to trust you?"

"Yes." Was her simple answer. "I am. Do we still have a chance?"

"Maybe, " he answered. It was the best answer he could give. "But it

as it eventually rolled over their city, their neighborhood, and their home like giant waves of terror, sorrow and despair.

An aunt who had moved in to live with them to care for Mykl and his twin sister Maxine had only recently died as well, and now it was just the two of them – living in the roofless, half burned-out ruin that had been their home since birth.

All of their young lives, Mykl and Maxine d'Angelo had known the shrieking of shells, the flashing on the horizon that adults had originally told them was the gods arguing in the distance, and later on, that it was bad men being stopped by good men… and the harsh note of gunfire. Guns were just big dogs barking out of sight. All of their youthful innocence had been lived in fear of the rumble of distant thunder as it grew steadily closer. The sight of convoys of military Edonian Democratic Militia support vehicles, troops and armor passing their home on the way to the front had become …ordinary. In the springtime, civilians often handed flowers plucked from their gardens to the passing soldiers, offering them prayers for victory, safety and deliverance from the horrors that defeat presented.

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