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   Chapter 26 No.26

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5333

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She brushed past him on her way in. The sweet scent of her by itself was arousing and filled with rose petals and memories of hot summer afternoons beside a pool one vacation between semesters. He kicked himself mentally as soon as he realized what was happening! Ripley was beautiful. Man, oh man! How he'd missed her! He kicked himself mentally, again. How he'd resented her after that business with… Errol!

Their entire relationship was a sore point for Mykl d'Angelo. Yes, it was wonderful – while it lasted. The two had first met in their second year in the Academy, in stellar cartography, if memory served. Ripley Jones was all that – she was from a wealthy family, she was pretty, she was smart, popular – and at the top of her first year. Both young cadets had decided to stick it out at the Academy for six years instead of three, to finish as officers. Mykl was already 20 years old then, a war hero on his home world – at least to the winning side on his home world. Most cadets started at the Academy at the age of 17, usually right out of high school – and Ripley always said she found him attractive because he seemed a little older and wiser than the rest of them.

Mykl's reputation as an Edonian war hero also helped him socially. He became popular with students irrespective of their gender. To the guys he was an icon of their masculine ideals – the young men (and some of the women) wanted to be like him. He played sport – although the kind of baseball he was used to playing was rough stuff on a grass airfield while half-dressed in flying gear while waiting for a scrambl

him. "I'm sorry about everything. I'm sorry I hurt you. I was wrong. I know I hurt you – I didn't think things through until later – I was young, I was just a kid, and I fucked up and ruined something that was beautiful. I'm sorry."

She shook her head slowly. He could tell she'd been rehearsing this for hours and it just wasn't coming out right. He wasn't falling for it. Well, not yet anyway.

"Yeah." He breathed. "I liked the way you let me off. Real sensitive, like – you passed a Dear Johnny round the lecture hall, like we were at high school." His eyes locked with hers, returning her gaze. "Real sensitive."

"I'm sorry. What more do you want me to do? Things were moving too fast, between classes, exams and drills and exercises – things were getting too complicated! We were really too young for such a serious relationship. At least, I was."

"So you simplified things by playing bouncy-bouncy with Lt. Jackson?"

She looked hurt. "That was uncalled for."

"Was it? It's probably not the only thing that was, but that's only my opinion."

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