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   Chapter 25 No.25

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* * *

The officer's mess was private and neat, and he didn't know anyone there. Strange faces greeted him as he sauntered in quietly, helped himself at the buffet, and found a quiet place to sit and eat his meal. It was bangers and mash tonight – which made a big change for Mykl, who was used to greasy food festooned with burned bits and stuff nobody could identify. This was first class, and he ate hungrily. He enjoyed it so, he took a second plate and quickly finished that as well. The others came and went, and left him alone, aside from sending the occasional curious glances his way. Small clusters of junior officers quietly debated whether the man not in uniform who'd been brought on board the previous day, might really be a Corsair agent. Wagers were taken. He didn't see Ripley turn up, and wasn't completely sure he was glad for that.

It felt like it had been years since Mykl saw such a pristine ship from the inside. It was, on reflection, only a few months. Eight, to be exact. Even so, the Liberty wasn't a cruiser, she was a smaller ship, a destroyer, about half the size of Antares, but she was clean-cut and nimble. Most Fleet ships were designed and built along the same lines – if not externally, then definitely in terms of their interior appearance and layout. It helped to have a broad standard, to simplify training crew, and also to minimize having separate sets of instructions for everything on al

Couldn't handle seeing you for a few days every few months, huh?"

"I suppose not." She shrugged. "It was all over a long time ago."

"So were we." Mykl said tiredly. "Why're you opening up old wounds, Ripley?"

Ripley reached out, touched his hand gently and Mykl noticed how cold her hand was. He could sense trembling. She was nervous too.

"That's just it." She said in a lowered tone. "I don't want to open old wounds – I want to heal them."

He pulled his hand away, reluctantly, and sighed.

"That'll make a change." He sighed cynically as he punched his access pin into the keys beside the door. It slid aside and the lights in his room blinked on automatically.

"Don't be cruel." She protested. "I'm serious. I want to explain myself. Give me that much."

"A serious hazard on the road of love." Mykl quipped. He waved her inside anyway. Sure, he thought, let her explain herself. Give her that much. "Lead the way, Dr. Jones."

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