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   Chapter 24 No.24

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5872

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"So… Mykl." Said Falcone, picking up where they'd left off earlier. "Tell me some more about your experiences with Corsairs."

Thus, Mykl spent the rest of the day like a good advisor – relating all his experiences with Corsairs. It took all of about two and a half hours before it degenerated into small talk about Mykl's past – by which Falcone obviously intended to find out more about him. It wasn't unreasonable, Mykl thought – after all, the man hardly knew him at all – and he needed to, for professional reasons. Besides, Falcone also needed to know everything he could about Corsairs, and having been in casual contact with them in the recent past, every little insight he had about them was valuable.

They discussed his childhood living in flooded, rat-infested shelters and bombed-out buildings in what was left of Adamsville, the old capital city of Eden. The memories came flooding back, from his time learning to be what passed for a soldier in the rag-tag Edonian militia, before the former colonist's long-lost cousins, the Terrans, came to their aid. Then they moved to his time fighting in the air in what was in present terms, little more than a box-kite with an engine and some avionics strapped on. He described to Falcone his first mission… in a Tabor Barracuda, a mosquito of an aircraft, not really something comparable to the Skorpiad aerospace fighter he flew a few years later. It was from the cockpit of a Skorpiad that he saw his home world from orbit for the first time. Right there and then, with the brightly lit disc of Eden stretched out below him like a giant canvas – with everything looking serene and peaceful despite the terrible suffering and carnage on the surface, is where nineteen year old Mykl d'Angelo made up h

powerful subspace receiver-transmitter arrays had provided a communications channel directly to Earth. With the destruction of the base, this link had been broken. The planetary governors, knowing they had no significant military forces to call on, obviously preferred to wait for the Fleet to do it for them. Once communications were established, Lt. Nordyke reported, both had said that all was in order and that they were very, very glad to hear from a friendly starship again.

When Falcone finally released him, Mykl wandered down to the officer's mess for a meal, after which he was to remain 'available', should Falcone need his services. Thereafter, he spent the rest of afternoon looking round the ship, alone with his thoughts – and without even a security marine for company. He steered clear of the bridge because he knew that was where she'd be. He wanted to avoid her now – for a while at least. He'd never expected to see her again, or even to hear from her again – and to be suddenly thrust into the same closed quarters aboard a starship with her, was – just, well – it made him claustrophobic. Perhaps he could deal with her shit later, but… not now.

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