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   Chapter 22 No.22

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5287

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Joey Falcone gave him a brief lopsided smile.

"And I'd be happy enough to oblige you, too." He said, looking drawn, old. His right hand quivered slightly as he tapped with his stylus. "But that's the emotional response, Commander. I want a strategic, logical appraisal."

"Logical appraisal, sir?" Mykl said dispassionately. "Okay – they suddenly sprang a violent attack on an under-defended Starbase, fine and well – we expect that from them… As for the tactics they used – brutal… savage. They specifically targeted the base's accommodation modules – as we saw in the video… There's nothing of value in there of course, so why not, right? Women, children, base personnel… they're not fighters, but they do get in the way when you're trying to board a ship in space – so they killed off as many of them first, before entering the base. The Corsairs did everything they could to kill everyone on the base, while doing everything they could to preserve every bit of cargo they could take!"

A hard, thoughtful moment of silence passed between them. Then the intercom panel on Falcone's desk buzzed.

"Excuse me a moment." The old man said, and pressed a key to answer it. "Yes?"

"Vice Admiral Hobbs at Core Command is on the line for you, sir." Mykl recognized the voice – it was Lt. Nordyke. He also knew Admiral Hobbs of Space Fleet Command, in the HQ complex at Ki Acropolis, Earth.

"Fine, thank you." Falcone said, and relayed the call to the monitor on his desk.

Admiral Hobbs sounded just how Mykl remembered him – brusque and forthright.

"Joey – you look like

that. I'd be glad to have him back – look after him, will you?"

Falcone hesitated, and eyed his newly recruited advisor on Corsair matters across his desk.

"My… attempts to find out about his past were met with restricted access warnings."

"Well, you don't have to know everything, do you, Joel?" Hobbs countered in his direct manner.

"I wanted to know a little more about him before I decided to trust him, that's all – but as you seem to be vouching for him...?"

"Yes, I do." Hobbs returned. "He's a good officer, very resourceful and trustworthy – is there anything else?"

Mykl felt Ripley's eyes on him – a warm, tingly sensation. It wasn't really unexpected – they had a history after all, but it wasn't something he felt comfortable with, all things considered. Some things ought to remain in the past… even if they sometimes presented themselves all bright and shiny and new after a few years absence – their old familiar sharp points and edges finely honed to give more of the same. He did his best to give no sign of noticing.

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