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   Chapter 15 No.15

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5075

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"Oh, gods!" She breathed.

Ripley remembered Shane Marcos. He and Mykl had been inseparable at the Academy – like a matched set of book-ends, buddies to the end. They did virtually everything together – and mostly to the other students. It must've hurt a lot to lose a friend like that, like losing a brother. She began to get an idea of the reasoning behind his leaving the service.

"I'm sorry. I never knew."

He nodded.

"Listen, " He said, arriving at a decision, "Could you ask your Captain to reactivate my commission? He can do that. My ship's a dead loss – it'll take years to get back on my feet… Hell, I could use the money.... And if it is Corsairs, I'd like a shot at them. I could be helpful."

"I'll speak to the Captain – see what I can do." She stood up. "No promises".


A while after the ghost from his past had left, Mykl sat there. He still hadn't picked up the book. Somehow he didn't feel like reading anymore. He just sat and stared out into space instead.

* * *

Ripley managed to catch Captain Falcone in his office for a change. He'd been so busy whipping the ship into shape, she'd followed rumors of the old man's whereabouts through the ensuing chaos and emotional trauma from one end of the Antares to the other. When she arrived, the old man was sitting behind his desk, having a tea break.

"Would you mind saying that again?" He asked, looking at her in a funny sort of way.

"I said: would you consider reinstating his commission, Captain?"

"Why on Ea

e viewscreen – Andronicus, and in the distance a smaller sphere, blue-green in color – Tremaine. These were Earth's two oldest extrasolar colonies. They eased Antares towards their destination at medium sub-light speed, decelerating gradually. The first spark of suspicion entered the minds of the bridge crew when the star base first appeared on the viewscreen and nav-sensors. Moreover, as anticipated, there was no reply to their calls. As they approached the station, the distant outline of it began to appear abnormally fuzzy, like a spreading cloud of debris. Falcone moved the ship's status up to yellow alert. As Antares closed on the station, the realization that something was horribly wrong became more intense with each passing moment.

"In range, Captain." Ripley prompted, her mouth suddenly dry.

"Put it on the screen." Falcone ordered. She keyed in the long range sensors, enhancing the feedback, in seconds bringing up a high resolution image of what had been, until recently, Starbase 91.

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