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   Chapter 13 No.13

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 4723

Updated: 2018-06-29 12:02

Sighing again, Mykl returned his attention to his immediate surroundings. There was a bedroom adjoining the lounge to the left. He dumped the bag on the durastress coffee table and sidestepped a plush-looking armchair on his way through. It contained a bed (surprise, surprise), a bedside table with a small lamp and alarm clock. Facing the bed was a set of clothing cupboards recessed into the bulkhead. There was a full length dressing mirror to one side. He took off his denim jacket and dropped it carelessly on the bed, stretched in his black turtleneck sweater, and yawned. Another look inside the adjoining bathroom revealed nothing more than equipment typical of regulation officers' quarters. Very nice, he concluded finally. Very V.I.P. Very gilded. It still felt and looked like a cage though. He settled down to wait in the lounge and lay back in one of the chairs that looked like a cross between a styrofoam sculpture and a lords-know-what. The heels of his boots made a clink-clink sound as he put his feet up on the coffee table. Pegasus began to recede rapidly as the ship began to move. Presently she disappeared, lost and alone among the stars.

About twenty minutes later, the stars were invisible as Antares was moving faster than light on a mad rush to somewhere to complete a mission d'Angelo knew nothing about. A semi-pleasant electronic tone chimed from the door. Mykl dropped the micro-th


"So, Commander Jones, " he asked, "How're things in the 'Fleet these days?"

"Good, Mykl. Pretty good. On the whole."

"So – uh – what's going on? Why the big rush? There isn't another war on, is there?"

"No, not a war. We think a starbase is in trouble. We lost contact five days ago."

"So, let me guess – you're being sent to check it out?"

"I am." She said, distracted, before blurting out, "I mean, we are!"

"Corsairs?" Mykl probed. A funny look flashed across her face, something like worry. No, not quite. Doubt, maybe.

"Funny you should ask, " Ripley breathed. "We don't know. I hope it's just a comms failure, but we're going in ready for anything."

"So I've noticed. Your Captain seems to have his hands full." He observed. She looked suddenly troubled. He didn't like the look she seemed to be giving him. It was the kind of look someone would give the dog when they found a wet patch on the carpet.

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