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   Chapter 12 No.12

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5620

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"Here" Mykl answered, "Ready and waiting."

He managed a deep breath as the familiar pins-and-needles effect of the de-materializer swept over him. It was, in simple terms, like being sucked up by a kind of atomic-level vacuum cleaner, which sent his atoms across space, through solid objects if need be – and then hopefully reassembled them correctly at his destination. He remembered the jokes they made at the Academy about not falling apart after arriving. Yes, jokes about faulty transmatters didn't seem quite so funny now though. The scenery rearranged itself before his eyes as he began to arrive in Antares' transmatter. It was a familiar feeling, but still somehow terrifying. The hair at the back of his neck was standing on end by the time it was over. He wiggled his toes to feel if they were still there.

"You all right, sir?" A lieutenant in a gray security uniform asked from behind a control desk.

"Yeah." He replied, almost hoarsely. "Just haven't been beamed for a while, that's all."

Mykl glanced around. So this was the Antares. In his time in the Fleet, he'd heard of her, but that was about it. The same could be said of her captain. The operators' desk was opposite the jump platform, and there was a kind of antechamber adjoining the entrance. The walls were utilitarian, bare and blue-grey, the deck a non-slip surface, the ceiling held lighting equipment and the hidden gravity net. All in all, a pretty typical layout. He adjusted the sling on his shoulder and moved to step off the platform.

"Just a minute, sir." Said the Lieutenant in the security uniform. "I'll have to check that out first, if I may."

Mykl shrugged. The officer approac

at – there were even pretty floral towels and shower curtains in the bathroom – but there hardly seemed to be enough room to slash in it. Facing him was a kind of transparent window, slash viewport in the bulkhead. It was made of a metal slash plastic alloy called durastress, and could withstand pretty much anything space could throw at it. Perhaps even a slash or two. Within limits of course.

It was rather comforting to Mykl to be able to see the stars outside. He could, quite ironically, see his ship drifting in the distance. 'Yep, that's my ship' he thought acidly, 'some assembly required.' It always looked pretty bad from the inside, but he'd never expected the outside to look that bad. Or even worse. He sighed. He'd never seen his ship looking like that at all – not floating upside down anyway – belly-up like a dead guppy. It was going to cost him a lot more than he could afford to fix that mess! The insurance company was going to have to be notified too, a prospect which gave him another headache. Still, he might get a nice payout at the end of it all – if he let them tow the wreck and keep it.

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