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   Chapter 11 No.11

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"I'll be on him so tight you'll think he's me, sir."

"Please, Hanson – too much information." Falcone quipped drily. Hanson blushed, and grinned at the unintended innuendo. Falcone continued. "He can have one of the V.I.P suites. I don't want him mixing freely with the crew. If he isn't who he claims to be – or if he is, and he's a Corsair agent, the less he sees and learns the better. If he's not, we can apologize later – if not, no harm done."

"Understood, Captain."

Distracted, Ripley allowed the remainder of the meeting to flow around her like a river. Among the notes she'd brought along was a picture. In it were two people, both in lieutenant's uniforms. Happier times, perhaps. The world seemed to fade away around her a little as she stared into it. His handsome features were crisp and clean. The smile on his face was warm and genuine. Whatever secrets Mykl d'Angelo had, she hoped they didn't include being a Corsair.

* * *

Antares reached Pegasus' location with only 75 minutes to spare. d'Angelo's voice was filled with relief when Lt. Nordyke contacted him. The Pegasus looked a sorry sight on the Antares' main viewscreen. Her engine nacelle astern had all but disappeared. Bits of debris hung in space, slowly dispersing. Faint starlight glinted on the battered hull, at least on the bits where the paint had been blown off. Ripley had the ship on her monitor, under orders from Falcone to scan it inside and out for any


D'Angelo found he had no say in the matter. Well, he did. He could stay. Yeah, right! To heck with that! Perhaps no-one would notice his ship and his cargo before he got back. It was out of his hands now, but at least he was alive and rescued.

"All right." He nodded. "Just could you give me 15 minutes to get my kit together?"

"Mr. d'Angelo, " Falcone said curtly, "you have 15 minutes, and after that, I'm bringing you over just as you are, even if you're naked."

It took him just under ten minutes to get some things packed into a bag. Once he returned to the bridge, he accessed the ships computer and set a timer to cut all remaining power. In a few minutes, everything except a mandatory locator beacon would shut down, but by then he'd have left. The line was still open, although he no longer had a picture on his screen.

"Mr. d'Angelo?" Lt. Nordyke called. His time was obviously up. Mykl slung his bag over his shoulder and prepared himself.

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