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   Chapter 10 No.10

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5231

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"Ahem." Said Falcone. Nore looked up at them, grinned lop-sidedly and yawned.


"Yes, Captain?"

"Get this man to sickbay please. Do something for him. He's driving me crazy."

"Yes, sir." Dr. Payne said, and dutifully helped Nore up and supported him out the door.

"Okay, back to business." Falcone continued. "By a strange coincidence, we're also enroute to help a freighter that put out a distress call. Now, I believe their engines are beyond repair, not that we have the time to spare to help them with repairs anyway. Besides, considering the state our Chief Entech is in, he might do more damage than good. Due to the urgent nature of our mission, we will simply have to take the crew aboard – they'll have to go along for the ride. How many are there, Ripley?"

"One, sir."


"Yes, sir."

"Excuse me?"

"Just the one, Captain." Ripley repeated. "It seems some unfortunate incident onboard disabled the engines of the Pegasus and killed some of its crew."

"I can't decide if this lone survivor is very lucky – or very unlucky!" Falcone smiled wryly. "Do we know anything at all about him?"

"Just the basics, sir." Ripley continued. "His name is Mykl d'Angelo, 33 years old, born on the planet Eden, and grew up during their civil war." She shifted some notes in front of her. "He fought on the side of the Edonian Democratic Alliance as a child soldier – starting at the age of 17, before becoming a fighter pilot in their air force."

"They had an air force?" Lt. Hanson asked, surprised.

"Mostly primitive first

my level, and inaccessible."

"Any idea why?"

"No, sir."

"You seem to have known this man reasonably well?" The Captain noted questioningly. "At the Academy, I mean?"

"That's why it's so puzzling, sir. If I had any idea why, I would tell you."

Falcone gave a deep sigh.

"Never mind, " He smiled at her, and winked. "This sort of thing happens in our line of work."

"Right, " Falcone said, turning back to the meeting. "I see this d'Angelo is quite a colorful character. We must be cautious. We're investigating Starbase 91's mysterious silence – and the silence of the Holbrook. If Corsairs were involved, then Mr. d'Angelo, his ship and his S.O.S. might be little less than a diversion or an ambush. On the other hand, " He said noting the shock on her face, "He might not. His life is at risk, so we have to give him the benefit of the doubt." He gave each of them, especially Ripley, a penetrating stare. "If all goes well, once he is aboard, I want him confined to guest quarters, his every move watched – Lt. Hanson?"

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