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   Chapter 8 No.8

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5862

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Finally, the briefing room door opened and Falcone entered, followed by the Exo. The assembly, who had been chatting idly among themselves, fell silent as Falcone took his seat at the oblong head of the table, with Commander Jones to his right.

"Okay – let's get started." Falcone began, his gaze sweeping over them.

"Captain." Greeted the doctor, starting the usual chorus.

"Captain." Said Lt. Hanson.

"Hee-hee." Said. Nore, losing his grip a little. Falcone rolled his eyes before beginning.

"The situation is as follows: Yesterday, contact was lost with Starbase 91." He explained, "For various reasons, Core Command thinks this could be more serious than a communications failure. Starbase 91 is the major trading center for the Omegan Quadrant colonies – in fact, more than fifteen percent of the total Commonwealth trades there, which makes it a rather important center in the area."

"That would be near Tremaine, wouldn't it, Captain?" Asked Dr. Payne.

Falcone nodded.

"Yes Dr. – and Andronicus, and Tegra, Alborahk…" The Captain paused to clear his throat. "…Duhrendahl. This interplanetary trade makes Starbase 91 a target for… certain hostile elements."

"Like the Corsairs, for instance." Ripley contributed, referring to the notorious space pirates. These ruffians and scourges of the deep space trade routes had made a regular nuisance of themselves, attacking and plundering small outposts and colonies on an irregular basis for decades. "But I believe all starbases have resident fighter squadrons for security in case of Corsair attacks?"

"Fighters?" Lt. Hanson added, sounding incredulous. "Even a squadron of skorpiads will have their hands full if more than two Corsair ships were to attack!"

"Quite." Said F

gends and myths told of these rough, tough survivors who made a home for themselves in uncharted, unclaimed space far outside the Empire's territory. Of course, there wasn't a Terran Empire then – there was only a divided Earth that had only just recently survived a devastating war between archaic nation-states.

A few barely intact nation-states clung to life, trying to rebuild civilization before the devastating Gimp War struck a few decades later, and Earth spent the next few years fighting off the invading Ruminarii. In the meantime, far away and completely isolated from Earth, the band of refugees settled somewhere in what would eventually be called the Omegan Quadrant. They soon discovered that it was far easier to take what they needed than to actually produce it themselves, leading to the development of a culture based entirely on piracy. They looked back at their distant home world and its vast treasury of resources… The victorious planet Earth had beaten off the alien invaders, and then began to explore and colonize surrounding star systems. The Terran Empire and its Commonwealth of member colonies became a beacon of peace and prosperity.

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