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   Chapter 7 No.7

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5565

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Three hours. He doubted he would still have time to check out the faulty elevator before then. Be that as it may, he had finally reassembled the affected part of the stardrive. He'd re-torqued everything correctly, modulated all the doo-dads and whatsits, sealed all the couplings and every piece of electrical equipment was connected up as it should be. It was even cleaner than before. Strike that – it gleamed! He could almost make out his features in the slightly distorted reflections on the baffle plates, which seemed to be pulling faces at him while he wasn't quite looking directly at them. The whole thing even smelled nice! Well, better, anyway. There was just one question that occupied his thoughts: Why the hell doesn't it work?

What Nore couldn't understand was why. Parts in a stardrive were fiddly bits, but you couldn't put them in a wrong place. That's how they were designed – they either fit or they don't. It had to be something simple. He'd spent the last twenty minutes inside the same conduit, for the third time, up to his elbows in fiddly bits, cables, modules and testing devices.

"Getting too damned old for this asshattery!" Nore muttered. Just as he heard footsteps approaching from behind. A voice identified the spectator as Specialist Jerry Morgan, one of his entechs.

"Any luck, sir?"

"Yes, " Nore grunted back, "All bad."

Nore paused to scratch his ear, narrowly avoiding a close encounter of the first kind between his nose and the traditional screwdriver clenched between his fingers. The space between two hydro-couplings was cramped enough as it was.

"I'll have to check the feed conduits and processor unit in t

of the senior staff of the Antares, and the ship's doctor, Jaki Payne MDS, and Lt. Greg Hanson, chief of security, and Commander Nore – whose face was festooned with little bits of bandage, and seemed decidedly beaten up – were already seated. Hanson was the only one there wearing a gray uniform. All the Security Marines wore gray uniform fatigues, and they stood out nicely against the backdrop of everyone else, who wore the standard red uniform of the SF. Commander Nore had received some of the Doctor's attention a little earlier, and unfortunately, the effects of the medication she'd given him had left Nore with a broad smile on his face. This was somewhat unsettling for the rest of the crew – who had possibly never seen the man and a smile in the same geographic location before. She'd escorted him to the briefing room from the sickbay – stopping a couple of times to check on a few crewmen who had walked into bulkheads or fallen over chairs or consoles while staring. This was slightly disturbing for Jaki Payne as well – it was hard to tell if he was feeling alright. Silly. Of course he was.

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