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   Chapter 37 No.37

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"Whmm-mmm?" Moaned Vluffy, who was still hiding under the couch and was deciding (using doggy logic) whether or not it was safe to come out now. The look on Vluffy's face seemed to be saying 'I told you so.'

"Oh – shut up!" He wheezed.

* * *

The skyscrapers were tall and impressive in their stately yet vaguely gothic architectural style, even though the peaks were slightly obscured by smog. They were all classical designs, which was to be expected from old Chicago, Earth, late October 1937.

Johnathan Scrooby was taking his time to appreciate the breathtaking view. It wasn't often he actually got time to sit and enjoy the experience of entering another time, when things were much simpler and far less stressful – if you didn't have to actually live there.

Funny looking old cars were clattering and rumbling down the streets on absurdly thin little wheels, filling the air with noxious gasses and noise. These were the days when convertibles were common and hard tops and window glass were considered an expensive luxury. People milled around him, busy getting their daily lives over with. In his time these people were all long dead and forgotten, and even the city didn't remember them anymore. Still, now was their time, when they were living their lives, fighting their battles and making a difference in their world.

He breathed in deeply, savoring the (cough, cough) fresh air. He was the outsider here, popping in for a brief moment to avert yet another Time Terrorist Strike. He was presently seated on a heavy looking park bench on a pavement – sidewalks, the locals called them – and he w

too?" Asked Jimmy, slightly puzzled. "Why?"

"Just do it. I'll tell you later."

"Okay, you're the boss."

The street scene around him suddenly faded and there was the familiar feeling of being sucked through a black hole backwards, as he suddenly reappeared on the Time Jump Platform, still sitting on the bench. Only, he was facing the wall. Details, Jimmy. Details. Getting up tiredly, he quickly severed the handcuffs with a short burst from the laser cutter. They clattered onto the floor. Jimmy left the confines of his cubicle, and was standing at the step, looking expectant.

"You okay, J?" He asked as Scrooby stepped down and yawned.

"Me, I'm fine thanks. Let's call it a day – I'll go back tomorrow."

"You sure you're okay?"

He sighed. "Let's just say I feel like an afternoon off. Heck, maybe even a real holiday for a change."

Jimmy was examining the bench. It was made of molded concrete and heavy wood slats. There was a wad of chewing gum parked on the side. The quaint looking handcuffs were lying on the floor. Nothing special there either.

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