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   Chapter 35 No.35

The Time Saving Agency By Christina Engela Characters: 5197

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"There." Scrooby said satisfied, withdrawing his hand.

"It's disabled now?" He asked. Scrooby smiled at him. "But what will stop him from trying again? Or building another one?"

"Trust me." Scrooby said, giving him a conspiratorial wink. 'Sometimes a little foreknowledge is a wonderful thing, ' thought Gary – sometimes it was even better than hindsight.

When they left, there was only one other conscious being in the room. Under the couch, Vluffy was of the opinion that he was still in the safest place and that he was going to stay there until further notice. He settled down, listening contentedly to the regular deep breathing of his master, until he felt safe enough to drop into a deep sleep.

The sky was ablaze with stars. Ding and Dong were in their usual positions for the early evening. That is, Dong was where it was predicted to be – while in the case of Ding, this was true in the sense that it was somewhere in orbit. Walking slowly down the path, Gary recovered his hat from the bush it had landed in several visits to the TSA earlier, and his pistol too. Sighing with inward satisfaction, he secured it in its holster and allowed the hat to settle. Curious how naked he felt without it. Mei thought it was a silly thing to wear, but it did have its uses, like keeping the sun off him. 'But not at night!' She would often chide him before snatching it away and hiding it somewhere. How he missed her! Scrooby declined the recovered wig when Gary offered it to him, saying his short career as a drag queen was over. They stood out

the light of Ramalama was getting very low in the sky, playing on the surrounding sea of rooftops, winking at her.

Everything had been perfect for her this day, nothing had gone irreparably wrong – and she'd even managed to find a nice pair of shoes at the mall for tomorrow. She would meet Gary for breakfast as usual. She knew he was a busy man and anyway, it wasn't as if he worked office hours. He had an unorthodox job, and sometimes a dangerous one and jobs like that didn't punch time cards at 4pm every afternoon. She didn't call him on his mobile either because the ring tone might draw attention to him at precisely the wrong moment while he was in the middle of a case and she might inadvertently get his head blown off. She liked his head exactly where it was – on his shoulders.

She missed him the whole day since breakfast and wondered what the future held for them. But oh well, tomorrow was Saturday and they would spend the whole day together. She hoped it would be as nice a day as this one was. If not better.

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