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   Chapter 34 No.34

The Time Saving Agency By Christina Engela Characters: 5273

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This device was similar to a Projector, but had features the other didn't have. It was called an Editor, and as you can guess, it could make changes too. Someone was going to end up on the cutting room floor.

* * *

The two Xyls were too strong for Gary. Hell, even one was too strong for him, and he was lying on the floor, with them taking turns at kicking him in the ribs. That he was still conscious was amazing in itself – but he had the nagging feeling in what is so laughingly called 'the ribs', that they were toying with him.

"You want to die now so you can come back and Try Again Later?" They taunted. He winced as one of them landed another hard kick in his right side. The other stomped on his abdomen, winding him badly. He twisted and rolled. Beck was no fool, he could see where this was going. He lay there, moaning, trying to get his wind back. His eyes were streaming. They were enjoying themselves at his expense. One picked up a Life Ender and chuckled at the other, who winked at him. Then, with surprising suddenness one of the Xyls simply vanished. The Life Ender spun in mid-air – then dropped onto the carpet with a 'plop' sound, and rolled. The other, clearly surprised, glanced round in puzzlement. This was obviously not according to plan. At least, not according to Xyl's plan.

"What the - ?" He said, just before flickering once or twice like a dodgy florescent tube, then turning black and white and then grainy. Gary heard Xyl's brief scream distorted by some weird echo chamber effect just as he was engulfed in bright flames for about a

f the TSA and the Buffer come catastrophically undone? So where did that leave him? Was he going to disappear next? He hoped not – he was rather fond of having himself around!

"Ha! Just kidding!" Said Scrooby suddenly from the kitchen door, grinning. Gary relaxed.

Now it was that Scrooby turned his attention to the dangerous device on the table. The owner was sound asleep on the couch, oblivious to anything that had taken place around him in at least an hour.

"Time to tie up some loose ends." He said to the unconscious figure, "Sorry, about that, Herr Doktor Gleichstein."

"Is that the -" Gary began, as Scrooby leaned over it and began to fiddle. He nodded.

"Yup." He replied, wrist-deep in wires and things. There was a faint click as he presumably disconnected something.

"It looks like a vacuum cleaner, sort of. But with more lights on it." The alternator sticking out on the side puzzled him. He gave it a spin, and it made a faint whirring sound. A couple of lights hanging from wires across the table flickered briefly.

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