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   Chapter 32 No.32

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"You taking a call or something?" He asked. Just then, two men came walking through the entrance and went to sit at the table they occupied the last time. He gestured with a nod in their direction.

"Take a look over there."

Gary looked. Sitting at their old table was – No! He blinked, shook his head and stared. It was him and Scrooby! They were casually ordering drinks and chatting about Deanna and Brad Xyl and Scrooby was flaunting his knowledge of advanced gibberish.

"But- " He began.

"It's simple." Said Scrooby. "We're here now. But we were there then. "

"Yes, but that was then and this is now." Said Gary – who had thought that 'never the twain shall meet'. "Isn't it?"

"Yes. I mean, no. Well, actually, right now, now is then." Said Scrooby, launching a torpedo at Gary's already shaky sense of reality. "I just slid us back a few hours."

He was feeling faint. Did his hair really look like that from the back? It made him miss his hat for one thing. He felt naked without it. It was on the table over by the other Gary and looked so inviting. He felt he could just walk over and take it back. But then, he realized; he couldn't do that because then – "Damn! This is weird!" He said, shaking his head.

"Do you get it?" Scrooby asked.

"Yeah." Said Gary in deep thought. "I can't go over there and take m- his hat because then h - I'd hit me and I'd have a bruised jaw caused by me hitting myself. So we could interact like this? Without the universe imploding or something?"

"Yes, which is why it's never a good idea. Besides, the headaches are excruciating."

"It causes hea

, this was a breakthrough), but it wasn't going to be used to generate electricity – and it wasn't going to be invented by the most honorable (and somewhat gullible) Herr Doktor Heinrich Gleichstein. Oh no, Brad Xyl had other plans. Like an old-fashioned nuclear power plant, this device was only one step away on paper from being a nuclear weapon. And he was busy taking that step right now, only in real life.

"Stupid antiquated device!" He cursed, giving the laptop a smack. It beeped at him. (Figuring out the holographic mouse had been a bit of a challenge.) He hadn't seen one of those in a long, long time. All that was required was a slight modification to the control program, and some alterations to the regulator subroutines. This was going to turn a constant level of power from a perfect balance between matter and antimatter into a runaway chain reaction that would consume the planet and the entire universe, soon after. And where was the Herr Doktor? Fast asleep on the couch, totally oblivious to the changes he was making. Knock-out drops had their uses.

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