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   Chapter 31 No.31

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"Shall we try again?" He smiled, helping Gary to his feet. He was surprised to find he felt fine. A little thirsty, but fine.


"We've got to go back. That's what we call a U.T.E – Unforeseen Time Event."

"Unforeseen Time Event?" Gary repeated.

"Screw up." Scrooby explained. "Happens all the time. I just don't usually get killed though. Very unpleasant sensation. I haven't died in a long time."

"Yes, I know." Said Gary dryly, ignoring the humor – if it was humor.

"A bit embarrassing, dying like that – in a hideous yellow dress."

"So I would think." Said Gary agreeing and looking around. "Where's my hat? Come to think of it, where's my gun?"

"Still back on the other side. Come on, let's have a coffee first."

"Coffee? At a time like this? How about a cold one rather? I just died – I don't want coffee!"

"No, you didn't." Scrooby explained as they walked out into a slightly less bland gray corridor. "We were yanked out just in time. Jimmy's a wizard Operator! Really top rate! Remember the Buffer I told you about?"

"Oh yes." Gary said weakly. "Hooray for the Buffer."

* * *

Vluffy was a little confused. Well, okay – more confused than usual. The Herr Doctor was at it again, building strange looking contraptions on the lounge table. At some point something was bound to go 'bang' again and there would be a lot of shouting and patting out of little fires and maybe even some insane laughter. And the Herr Doktor would wander round the house looking slightly stranger than usual for a while, without his eyebrows. Well, it wouldn't be the first time, Vluffy consoled himself, nor would it be the

in his 30 or so years of life. Needless to say, it was lost on him. However, all that aside, he and Scrooby were sitting at another table on the opposite side of the canteen from the one they occupied earlier. He was enjoying a hot chocolate, rather sullenly, as due to TSA regulations alcohol was not allowed while agents were on assignment.

"Well I'm not an agent!" Gary had sulked, but Scrooby informed him that, for the time being, he was. They were discussing the unfortunate events on Deanna which had resulted in their… er, deaths. The idea was to go back and make sure there was a different outcome this time.

"So how did he do that?" Gary asked, dunking the orange marshmallow under the froth with a long spoon. "How did he get to be two of him?"

"Well –" said Scrooby about to launch into an in-depth lecture of Chrono-Physics, which Gary had dismissed as 'gibberish' and generally didn't appreciate. Inspiration struck him. He made a slight adjustment on his little Remote. Gary recognized it as the same thing he'd used to bring him here the last time, from Peggy-Ann's office.

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