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   Chapter 30 No.30

The Time Saving Agency By Christina Engela Characters: 5388

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"Sod it!" He cursed, and unholstered the ten-mil. Xyl wasn't fazed, and kept coming. He fired, practically from the hip. With a sudden whirl of motion, the second Xyl had become the first and was holding a gagging Scrooby, who was quickly going limp. His eyes were glassy, motionless. The first Xyl grinned at him, dangling the body out in front of him like a rag doll. A neat round bullet wound had appeared right in the center of the hideous yellow dress, surrounded by a rapidly growing scarlet stain. Horrified, he glanced down at his weapon. He'd killed Scrooby!


The strange hollow sound echoed in his head and he felt a sharp sting in his kidneys. A strangely comforting warm feeling seeped through him and as he fell, he watched the second grinning Brad Xyl fade away where he stood behind him, the Life Ender dangling from his fingers.

* * *

Satisfied as the two bodies faded into nothingness, Brad Xyl winked at himself, tossed himself the Life Ender, and disappeared in a similar fashion as the diverged timelines merged again. It was truly amazing what you could do if you managed to get out of the Limbo Practicale. Time was never the same to you again, you saw it differently. It was like being able to see in another light spectrum while everybody else was still groping for the light switch and falling over coffee-tables. If only he had known how to do this when he was still sane, he mused – before dismissing the thought on account of a lacking fun factor. The original – and one and only Brad Xyl turned round and picked up his backpack. The TSA had tried and failed again, he

it prudent to print 'Keep Out of Reach of Children' in very small letters on the inside of the battery cover.

This was the weapon of choice for most common or garden Time Terrorists, because aside from the previously mentioned reasons, it was also easy to conceal and made no visible mess.

When Gary Beck eventually opened his aching eyes, he wondered why he was still able to. The Life Ender was obviously not equipped with a button marked 'Just Kidding', so why was he still alive? Was he still alive? Or was the afterlife a bright white bleak room with a medical bench in the middle?

"Hello?" He ventured, lifting his head. Examining himself, he saw he was still wearing his jeans and check shirt. Wasn't he supposed to get a white robe and wings or something? A harp? And where the hell was his halo? Elevator music was playing softly in the background.

- Was this Hell?

A sliding door in one wall opened seamlessly and a man walked in. It was Scrooby, who was grinning humorlessly. He was back in his regular clothes. Well that idea obviously went south.

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