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   Chapter 29 No.29

The Time Saving Agency By Christina Engela Characters: 4959

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The whole test model would be powered from one of the ports at the back of his laptop computer, which would also control the entire complicated and quantum process from slurp to bang. The test model he was going to build would probably put out enough power to run his house for a week in about five minutes – hopefully without any side effects – like impromptu landscaping.

* * *

A man resembling Brad Xyl came walking down the street, carrying a sports bag on his shoulder. He was quite obviously not leaving any footprints. Scrooby tensed up and paid full attention, alerting Gary Beck in the process. The man wore a black t-shirt with 'I love me (but who wouldn't)' on the front. He was the right height, had the right hair color – and he was headed for the front door of 16 Leafy Lane, Placid Waters, Atro City.

Right then, Gary Beck realized this was it. He wasn't a soldier on any front line, nor a cop – or even in this case – a bounty hunter. He was an executioner. An assassin. The only thing that made up his mind was the thought of the consequences should they fail. He rolled the cool faintly vibrating cylinder between his fingers, feeling the smooth surface, and the tiny beads of sweat from his hands. Then Scrooby moved into action, moving out of cover. Scrooby, for all intents and purposes in drag, was not a pretty sight, exactly, even at close range. At a distance, he looked a little like Olive Oyl, right down to the black wig with the bun at the back. At l

the first Xyl's arms, just as the second one grinned and delivered a hammer blow that sent Gary tumbling over the hedge into the bushes on the other side.

The startled ha-ha bird took off and kept a low altitude. The first Xyl grinned and winked at the second, nodding approval and squeezed harder. Scrooby's feet and arms were working up and down as he frantically tried to get loose, making it seem like he was swimming the breast-stroke. By now Xyl had realized it wasn't his ex-girlfriend, but was having such a good time choking Scrooby so hard his wig had come off – and saw no reason to stop.

Beck the Badfeller stumbled out of the bushes, cursing angrily. He'd lost his hat. And the Life Ender. Xyl number one was choking several different shades of shit out of Scrooby. Damn, and his jaw hurt like blazes! Xyl number two was coming for him with a kind of look in his cold beady eyes he wouldn't even give his mother-in-law. If he lived long enough to have a mother-in-law.

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