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   Chapter 28 No.28

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"But if I miss or I'm too slow –"

"Then I'm history." Said Scrooby succinctly.

"So your life is in my hands." Gary summed up, playing with a tuft of grass thoughtfully. He decided against adding 'That's quite a risk', because he was sure Scrooby already knew that.

The ha-ha bird was in serious trouble now, unless lying on his back and kicking its feet in the air bicycle-style was some misguided attempt to attract females and entice them to join him for dinner.



"What's the guy in the house got to do with all this?"

"He's the man who helps Xyl to build the device that destroys Deanna."

Gary almost commented 'That might be an improvement' but resisted the urge to be funny. It wouldn't really, in all seriousness. It was the only home he knew. His everything was here.

"And the universe?" He asked.

"Well, that's a bit bigger than Deanna, so I suppose it would take a little longer."

"What kind of device is it?" He ventured. "Whatever it is, it would have to be something really big. Wouldn't it?"

"It's a quantum antimatter infuser." Scrooby replied. "Not very big. And it works, believe me – I've seen what it will do."



"What does that mean?"

How would Scrooby explain this? Hmm. He decided to keep it simple.

"Well, imagine a black hole. Think of it as a pinhole in a bath tub filled with water. It would take a very long time for the water in the tub to leak out through that hole, wouldn't it? Okay, now imagine a pinhole that expands until there's no more bathtub left. The thing they're making will create something like an artificial black hole – but not an ordinary black hole that forms from a collapsing star – that sort of singularity remains fairly constant in size, distorting time, devouring matter, light and even energy – but one

antimatter) is brought into contact with matter, an explosion occurs, which destroys or consumes both objects. (The same could be said in the previous example about The Truth and politics.)

The device was intended to use this principle to generate electrical energy from the reaction. It included an intake module which sucked in the most naturally freely available matter on Deanna – air. Air is still matter, of a sort – and is entirely free, except where some smart people have figured out ways to measure its usage and bill people for it. Gas molecules, oxygen, nitrogen – naturally positively charged, are matter. An internal separator would equally divide the volume of air. One half would be negatively charged at an atomic level before the two volumes were carefully brought back into contact in measured amounts in a magnetically-shielded detonation chamber. The reaction would drive a small turbine and in turn, a small, low pressure 6-phase alternator which would hopefully, power a few household light bulbs, and maybe a refrigerator or two. Naturally the whole process would have to be carefully controlled from start to finish if he didn't want his relatives on Mars to file his patent claim posthumously.

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