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   Chapter 27 No.27

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Gary was thinking hard, wading through the moral dilemma he was faced with. He didn't normally set out to kill any of his would-be 'meal tickets'. He preferred to get a good night's sleep while affording them the luxury of doing the same, even if it was behind bars. Killing someone just to get them off the streets wasn't up his alley. Killing in self-defense was a different matter, but still, this wasn't quite the same thing. Was it?

"He's been in the Limbo." Said Scrooby seriously. "He got out by himself, without the aid of any technologies and equipment. Can you imagine what he's capable of? Now do you understand the gravity of the situation?"

Gary nodded, giving him a worried look.

"I'd still feel better if you did it."

"Fine, so do you want to wear the dress then?" Scrooby offered. Seeing the sudden look of naked terror in Becks eyes, he continued. "Thought so. Well, all right, then. Places, everyone!"

Gary Beck was an intelligent man, who was also moderately streetwise. He was not a mathematician or a genius by any stretch of the imagination (which he admitted to not having, incidentally). He disliked killing and violence, especially when it was directed at him – but also for the sake of his conscience. This time travel stuff was a little beyond his grasp. Especially since he'd all but had a crash course in understanding it, and might still technically be suf

ondering when Xyl would return. Hopefully it would be soon. He was starting to worry whether Cindy-Mei would be jealous. He shivered and put that little idea out of his mind. She had nothing at all to worry about there, he decided.

"So dressing like his ex-girlfriend will distract him, you think?"

"It will. He really, really hates her."

He had a point. After all, it really, really distracted him.

"Just a question, then, um… Do you think you look anything like her at all?"

"I think from a distance there should be certain resemblance. Enough to grab his attention and piss him off."

"Long enough for me to jump out and -"


The ha-ha bird had finally caught a worm and was currently engaged in a wrestling match with it. Watching the 4 kilogram bird rolling across the lawn, wings flailing while making gagging noises – with the inch-thick worm wrapped around its throat was a welcome distraction.

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