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   Chapter 25 No.25

The Time Saving Agency By Christina Engela Characters: 5435

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Gary slumped. "Wait-a-minute!" He surmised, just as a penny dropped in his head. He wasn't happy with the epiphany he was having. "If you're here, then that means you knew he was here all along?"


"You let me spend the whole freakin' day following this trail on foot and by boat and – you knew he was here all along?"


"I even took a taxi! The driver thought I was a nut job! Why didn't you tell me? You could've saved me three whole hours!"

"I'm truly sorry." Said Scrooby sincerely.

"Thanks! Thanks a whole bundle, Scrooby!"

"Well, I still have a responsibility to maintain the timeline, you know." Scrooby argued. "If I'd told you the address, you'd have –"

"I'd have got here three frickin' hours ago!"

"Precisely my point."

"I still don't get it." Beck sighed. This whole time-travel thing was giving him another headache. He probably shouldn't be surprised if he actually met himself coming around a corner someday, saying: 'Relax bud – Scrooby sent me.'

"Look." Said Scrooby explaining, thinking about drawing little pictures, but having to choose them very carefully. "I got here at exactly the right time – when…"

"When I got here. Oh." Beck finished, seeing Scrooby's screwed up reasoning at last. Or not. The two of them might as well have just time-jumped to this spot together. "Never mind." He interjected, just as Scrooby opened his mouth again. "Before you start spouting gibberish about the timeline again, what are we going to do next?"

"Watch and wait."


They settled down to wait and watch. A stray dog on its late afternoon rounds visited the

ce, to share in the spoils of their conquests. A new strain of mutant cockroaches – perhaps a consequence of one of the Herr Doktor's more interesting and even quantum experiments – now roamed the kitchen. These creatures had two heads and went about waving their two sets of antennae. They never bothered to run much, except when they were chasing Vluffy – who tried to avoid them where possible. (If the other dogs in the neighborhood saw that, he would never live it down.) There is something very unsettling and even deeply disturbing about a cockroach that can chase dogs, and actually does.

They were immune to ordinary commercial sprays and poisons (the Herr Doktor had already tried them all) and they wreaked havoc in the old bachelor's kitchen. Even tinned food wasn't safe from them. In the beginning, the Herr Doctor tried swatting them – but after a few fruitless attempts he found a four kilogram sledge hammer was far more effective. Of course, it only dawned on him a little later that wall tiles, though durable, were not designed to withstand that sort of thing.

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