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   Chapter 24 No.24

The Time Saving Agency By Christina Engela Characters: 5114

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Mister Xyl had been extremely helpful. Strangely, he seemed to know quite a lot about him – but the things he knew somehow outweighed his need to know how he knew those things. It was compelling. Somehow the man had opened his eyes to the vast untapped store of creative energy he still had left inside him, rekindling his ambitions! Xyl had awakened a sleeping genius. Bugger the vibrating molecules and Luminous Paper clips! He was feverishly at work now, doing calculations and computer simulations.

His invention would be something really new, something previously unheard of. A new discovery! It was going to be amazing, stupendous – and actually fantastically, mind-bogglingly useful. He was going to write reams of White Papers about it! That an old fool such as himself (albeit with a little help) should stumble onto such a discovery! It would astound the Science Academy, that their collective talents had missed this one simple little thing!

Like Newton. Until Newton discovered gravity, people assumed things only fell because they dropped them. Silly buggers. And then suddenly everything changed. The world around them took on a new meaning. Suddenly there was a more complicated reason for things to work – with numbers and things in that made no sense to ordinary every day idiots who wouldn't know how the world around them worked or got there – but who blindly groped through the dark like people who toss away the operating manuals for new appliances without reading them.

And where was the intrepid Mister

ay. Suddenly a voice called out to him in a hushed whisper.

"Hey! Are you crazy?"

He turned. It was Scrooby, crouching beside a cherebub bush that grew in the neighbors' yard. He was waving at him to join him and, utilizing several highly specialized hand signals, was telling him to keep low, keep quiet and to hurry up. Either that or he had just told Beck he was making a u-turn and to go away sexually.

"What are you doing here?" He asked Scrooby in hushed tones while crouching beside him.

"Saving your ass." He replied. "Do you have any idea who's inside there?"

"Xyl, hopefully?" Beck replied truthfully.

"Nope. He went out twenty minutes ago. And he'll be back."

"How do you –" He began, and then as it dawned on him, he just sighed. "You saw all this happening already, didn't you?"

"No, " Scrooby smiled back with disarming honesty. "I saw him leave – but he did lock the door."

"Why lock it if –"

"- He's not coming back?" Scrooby finished. "Bingo. Oh, he comes back all right."

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